Anne Hathaway Says She Hasn't Seen “The Devil Wears Prada” in 'Over a Decade — Maybe 2 Decades'

"All of you have seen this movie way more recently than I have," the actress told 'Vanity Fair' of her beloved 2006 dramedy, costarring Meryl Streep

<p>Norman Jean Roy/Vanity Fair, Everett</p> Anne Hathaway for the April 2024 issue of <em>Vanity Fair</em> (L); Anne Hathaway in <em>The Devil Wears Prada</em> (2006)

Norman Jean Roy/Vanity Fair, Everett

Anne Hathaway for the April 2024 issue of Vanity Fair (L); Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Anne Hathaway has some rewatching to do!

In her April 2024 cover story for Vanity Fair, the actress admitted she hasn't seen her iconic 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada in over 10 years.

"Just so you understand, all of you have seen this movie way more recently than I have," said Hathaway, 41, in a clip shared to the magazine's Instagram account.

"It's been, if not over a decade, maybe two decades, since I've seen this movie," she added as she viewed a scene from the film. "So this is amazing."

The Devil Wears Prada starred Hathaway as recent college grad Andy, who gets a job at fashion magazine Runway working alongside Emily Blunt's character, also named Emily. The two work together for the intimidating editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep, who earned an Academy Award nomination for the role.

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During an interview for the Happy Sad Confused podcast last month, Blunt, 41, said there’s “never” been real momentum at creating a follow-up to the hit movie.

The Oppenheimer star told host Josh Horowitz that the cast is “good” without making a sequel. “Sometimes things should be cherished and preserved in this bubble and it’s okay,” she explained.

“And I think – didn’t Meryl say something funny about it? They asked her about it, ‘Would she ever do a sequel?’ and she went, ‘Yeah, if I don’t have to lose the weight.’ But I think she said ‘the f---ing weight,’ " recalled the Oscar nominee.

Blunt was referring to her former costar's 2012 interview with Access Hollywood. "Sure, I mean, I'd have to lose the f---ing weight, but I would do that, yeah," Streep said at the time, reported Elle.

Regardless of any sequel plans that may come to fruition in the future, the cast has reunited multiple times over the past 17 years since The Devil Wears Prada premiered, including at the recent SAG Awards on Feb. 24.

<p>Norman Jean Roy/Vanity Fair</p> Anne Hathaway on the April 2024 cover of <em>Vanity Fair</em>

Norman Jean Roy/Vanity Fair

Anne Hathaway on the April 2024 cover of Vanity Fair

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Hathaway and Blunt also got together for a discussion as part of Variety's "Actors on Actors" series last fall, where they recalled meeting each other and, later, their time on set.

"We just had a joy bomb of a time on that movie," Blunt said. "I don’t know if any of us knew it was going to become what it did. It’s quoted to me every week. It will be the movie that changed my life."

During a November 2022 appearance on The View, Blunt revealed that she "would do [a sequel] in a heartbeat just to play with those guys again. It's so fun."

At the premiere of her film She Came to Me in New York City this past October, Hathaway told Entertainment Tonight that she "would love" to team up for a project again with Streep, 74.

"I wish. I wish. I wish. She's very busy," the Oscar winner added.

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