Annual Free Pizza and Pool Party Brings Joy to Stratford Residents on August Civic Holiday

In collaboration with the City of Stratford and The Lion’s Pool, Simple Dreams Ministries successfully hosted their annual free pizza and pool party at Lions Pool on August 7, from 2:30 to 4 p.m.

Despite inclement weather, the event saw a remarkable turnout, leaving attendees in high spirits. Enthusiastic swimmers of all ages gathered at Lions Pool to partake in pool swimming fun and bond with fellow Stratford residents and friends.

Mara Floor, Stratford Lion’s Pool Program Supervisor, has been working at the Lion’s Pool for eight years and noted, “145 people showed up this year, which was great; we had lots of regulars and some new faces we’ve never seen before, it was just a great, fun, community event.”

The highlight of the event was the generous donation of free pizza from Dominos, adding a delicious touch to the afternoon.

Ruth and Richard Kneider, Founders of Simple Dreams, expressed their gratitude for the event's success. "We are thankful for the partnership with the City of Stratford, which greatly assisted in securing the pool venue, as well as Dominos Pizza of Stratford for their invaluable contribution," they remarked.

The pair elaborated, "We love witnessing the happiness it brings to families of diverse ages and observing the remarkable way our community comes together during such occasions."

Open to individuals of all ages, the event aimed to foster community spirit and togetherness. The collaboration between the City of Stratford, Simple Dreams, The Lion’s Pool and sponsors Dominos Pizza and Wendy’s Stratford underscores their shared commitment to nurturing a sense of unity within the town.

According to Floor, the event is a fan-favourite and, despite being rained out a few years ago, will be a summer staple for years to come, “We see the event taking place for the foreseeable future; we hope it gets better every year.”

Simple Dreams is a not-for-profit organization within Stratford, renowned for its philanthropic efforts to support community members facing financial constraints or challenging life circumstances. The organization's work spans from providing essential items like beds and fridges to assisting with home repairs such as roofs.

The Kneiders are already gearing up for upcoming events such as the annual Garlic Festival, Dragon Boat Races, and the Stratford Fall fair, where they famously scoop ice cream for Simple Dreams causes.

For further information regarding Simple Dreams and its impactful contributions to the community or to explore opportunities for donations, please visit

Amanda Modaragamage, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Stratford Times