Anthony Hopkins, 86 Years Old and ‘In Good Health,’ Says ‘I’m Aware of My Mortality’ (Exclusive)

"I've just had a medical check up. I'm in good shape," says the two-time Oscar winner, who cut sugar from his diet

<p>Charlie Gray</p> Anthony Hopkins

Charlie Gray

Anthony Hopkins

At 86 years old, Anthony Hopkins says he’s at “peace.”

In the new issue of PEOPLE, the two-time Oscar winner and star of the new movie Freud’s Last Session says he often feels “moments of relaxed bliss.”

And with good reason. He’s been happily married to wife Stella, 67, for 20 years. He continues to work (in addition to Freud’s Last Session, he lends his voice to Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver, due out on Netflix in April, and recently wrapped on the thriller Locked).

Perhaps most importantly, he’s in “good health,” he says. “I’ve just had a medical checkup. I’m in good shape.”

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Nevertheless, “I’m aware of my mortality,” says The Silence of the Lambs actor. “To be realistic, I know that if I have a few more years of work in me, I can do it. So work keeps me alive. I love working. I love being an actor. I love activity.”

“I love the process of preparing a role,” he continues. “That keeps my brain neurologically active. I love that.”

“I’m so lucky to be working at my age,” adds Hopkins, who seems surprisingly nonplussed that he’s offered roles even though he just won his second Best Actor Oscar for The Father three years ago. “They still seem to send me scripts, and I think, ‘Well, good.’ ”

<p>Monica Schipper/Getty</p> Anthony Hopkins, Demi Moore, Salma Hayek and Stella Hopkins in November

Monica Schipper/Getty

Anthony Hopkins, Demi Moore, Salma Hayek and Stella Hopkins in November

Hopkins quips that he’s not more selective about what roles he takes at this point in his career. “I’ll take anything,” says Hopkins. “I’m not choosier, no.”

When he’s not working, the Welsh actor loves to paint (he recently showed his artwork at a show in Las Vegas), play the piano, and film self-described “silly” TikTok and Instagram videos: dancing the rumba in his kitchen to “Mambo Italiano,” dangling chopsticks from his chin or wiggling his tongue while stirring red sauce.

Stella and his niece Tara Arroyave initially talked him into making the videos, he says.

“I’m slightly reluctant,” Hopkins admits. “I say, ‘Oh no, not again.’ But I do something silly because we need humor. We need a laugh in life. For good reason, I guess. Life is tough. The world is a savage place, but life has its beauty.”

Hopkins is able to stay so active because he takes care of himself. He cut out sugar from his diet. “I wasn't eating junk food, but I liked sweet things. And I've stopped. Enough. Don't even have honey anymore. But no, I feel healthier. I feel more awake,” he says.

He also gets plenty of sleep. “I go to bed early,” he says.

<p>Patrick Redmond / Sony Pictures Classics / Courtesy Everett</p> Anthony Hopkins in 'Freud's Last Session'

Patrick Redmond / Sony Pictures Classics / Courtesy Everett

Anthony Hopkins in 'Freud's Last Session'

“I love British detective stories that are on television,” he says. “Very well done. There are always scenes where people are having parties and dancing. And I look at them thinking, ‘What?’ I think, ‘I used to do that. I'm glad they're all having fun. I couldn't do that.”

Freud’s Last Session is in select theaters now and expanding to more on Friday.

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