This apartment in the sky is the party pad of our dreams

los angeles
los angeles

Content creator Taylor King, or TK (@tksjuicypolls), has filled her Downtown Los Angeles apartment with an iconic array of personal touches that reflect her infectious personality. In this episode of ITK: Do You Live Here?, TK invites us into her home and shows us why she calls it “The Juice Box.”

“I have a bit of a storage issue, as you can see,” TK says as she welcomes us into her home’s entryway. “So I ended up building this little open-face closet. I think it’s a good way for people to really get to know me right when they walk in.”

The entryway-turned-closet features high shelves with TK’s shoes and boots, as well as two clothing racks and a shelf with accessories.

Moving on with the tour, TK tells us why she nicknamed her home. “The Juice Box is my apartment because it’s juice in here, and it kind of looks like a box,” she explains.

TK leads us into the “best part of The Juice Box”: Her open living space with floor-to-ceiling windows and unbelievable views of Downtown Los Angeles. The living room features a white sectional sofa, glass console table, coffee table, and low-profile TV. TK has decorated the space with pops of red and nods to sports, showcasing her personality and interests. The living room is open to TK’s kitchen, featuring white countertops for an airy feel. Her favorite artwork hangs in the kitchen: A large-scale photograph of a lion taken by Haley Ringo.

“I love the hustle and bustle of the city, but I feel like I’m in my own little cloud up here,” TK says.

Next, TK shows us the space she calls her “hyphenated room” because it serves as a glam room, studio and closet. Also designed with floor-to-ceiling windows, this room is decorated with a white desk, green sofa, white wardrobe and more closet space along an entire wall to display some of TK’s statement clothing pieces. She explains that she uses this room both for work and for getting ready.

The next room on the tour is TK’s bedroom, which has a basketball hoop hanging over a bed with a red checkered bedspread, a bookshelf, an exercise bike, a vanity, a gallery wall and more floor-to-ceiling windows.

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