You'll Wish You Were on Priyanka Chopra's Family Vacation

Camryn Rabideau
The star posted aww-inspiring family photos to Instagram.

[MUSIC] All the pictures were amazing. The whole team was amazing, hair and makeup, wardrobe. I literally just had to stand there and just be me. That's what I love about this shoot, that it was just very effortless. I love this velvet fendi, the Gucci with the feathers. They were all really, really great, actually. Being true to your own self is a very difficult thing to do for anyone, no matter where you are What position you are in how succesful you are or how old you are. It's because we are bombarded by so many different kinds of expectations. Whether it is advertising whether it is what you are supposed to look like what is the right way for you to dress what is the right way for to look. And all that's so unrealistic. Eventually you have to be the best version of you, whatever that might be. And that's a very individual journey. Accepting who you are, and especially your flaws. If you think about it scientifically, everyone has flaws. But the more flawed you are, or whatever your flaws are, if you understand them, that's what makes you unique, because no one else has that. And when you're unique, you're special.

Priyanka Chopra and her family are seriously the cutest. The Chopra clan is currently enjoying some quality time together while on vacation, and they look like they're loving every minute. Not sure about you, but our family vacations usually involve a lot more bickering.

This week, Chopra and her fam were in Mumbai to celebrate her upcoming movie, Kaay Re Rascalaa, and she brought both her mom and brother to the premiere. The trio posed for this sweet pic, which Chopra captioned, "My mommy bestest! #WhoIsTheFavouriteChildThough."

Now, the three Chopras are taking off yet again, heading to an undisclosed locale to celebrate the 34-year-old actress's upcoming birthday. The Quantico star shared a picture of her family on the airplane, expressing her excitement to get away with her loved ones.

This is one jet-setting family, from the looks of things. Chopra posted another image of the trio's collective passports, and by our count, they have 11 documents! "A well-traveled family I must say," Chopra captioned the photo.

We'd say so, too!

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We're certain Chopra is going to have an amazing birthday surrounded by her family, and we can't wait to see more pictures from their getaway.