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Happy April, Aquarius. Last month, your March horoscope warned that a lunar eclipse could feel pretty stressful and advised laying low and logging off. Well, there's another eclipse this month, in addition to Mercury retrograde, so perhaps one of your spring assignments should be continuing a social media break.

The universally disliked Mercury retrograde kicks off on Monday, April 1, in Aries, directly impacting the house in your chart that rules communication. This makes you more susceptible than other signs to some of the retrograde's effects. The trickster planet demands extra vigilance with texts, emails, and contracts. If you're using it, navigate social media with caution; accidental likes are likely.

But your IRL life is going really well. On Thursday, April 4, lovely Venus graces Aries, sparking a surge of confidence in your relationships. Now's the time to voice your feelings boldly, whether you're asking someone out or saying I love you. Since this confidence makes you extra attractive and alluring, the sentiments should be reciprocated.

Yes, this month brings another eclipse, and you should mark it down in your calendar so that you're prepared. The Monday, April 8 new moon and solar eclipse in intense Aries stirs the pot with its cosmic chaos that you became familiar with last month. However be aware that March's eclipse was lunar, which is more associated with endings, while solar eclipses tend to signify newness. This could lead to unexpected opportunities, so don't fret too much, but eclipses also bring anxiety. With Mercury retrograde muddling messages, consider this an invitation to retreat and recharge. Embrace solitude with your choice of relaxation, such as watching a movie or reading a book with a nice glass of wine or cup of tea. Your task is to realize that this eclipse, no matter how stressful, is not a setback but a chance to gather your strength.

Friday, April 19 sees the start of luxurious Taurus season, which encourages you to continue lounging. Tell your friends that you need to be lazy because the sun is in decadent Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus. They'll understand. Your relationships are frankly going great, as further demonstrated by Juno, the asteroid of commitment, endings its retrograde and going direct in loyal Virgo and your 7th House of Partnership on Sunday, April 21. This transit blesses both friendships and romantic endeavors. Avoid digital faux pas to maintain this harmonious connection; taking social media breaks is good for your mental health and revels in the joy of meaningful relationships. Taking it easy doesn't mean that you have to be a total hermit; you'll likely just be in the mood for laid-back hangs the next few weeks.

But there may be reason to celebrate professional or creative accomplishments during the second half of the month. On Tuesday, April 23, the full moon in Scorpio, the lunar phase associated with results, highlights your 10th House of Social Status, indicating achievements. Whether in your career or a personal project or hobby, expect some affirming and welcome news, Aquarius.

This transit acts as fighter fuel and, after a month affected by Mercury retrograde, offers an abundant opportunity for negotiations.

On Thursday, April 25, give thanks that Mercury goes direct and the fog of miscommunication begins to lift. The lessons of this retrograde, however, remain important reminders of the benefits of signing off for the sake of your mental well-being. Your day-to-day life is so fulfilling that you realize that you may like life better away from your phone, which is further amplified on Monday, April 29, when generous Venus enters lush Taurus and your 4th House of Home and Family, enveloping you in warmth and comfort. This transit grounds you in the love and support of your chosen kin.

Finally, the month concludes on Tuesday, April 30, with energetic Mars moving into its home sign, Aries, blessing your words with honey. This transit acts as fighter fuel and, after a month affected by Mercury retrograde, offers an abundant opportunity for negotiations. Express your needs and desires in relationships, both professional and personal, as the stars are poised to give you what you want. Enjoy the cosmic blessings, and we'll see you in May.

Important dates in April 2024:

Monday, April 1: Mercury goes retrograde in Aries
Thursday, April 4: Venus enters Aries
Monday, April 8: New moon and solar eclipse in Aries
Friday, April 19: Sun enters Taurus
Sunday, April 21: Juno goes direct in Virgo
Tuesday, April 23: Full moon in Scorpio
Thursday, April 25: Mercury goes direct in Aries
Monday, April 29: Venus enters Taurus
Tuesday, April 30: Mars enters Aries

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