‘You aren’t pregnant now?’ 8 personal details Brittany Mahomes just shared with fans

Brittany Mahomes revealed details Tuesday about the family’s new home in resort-like Loch Lloyd, school plans for the kids, those persistent pregnancy rumors and their battle with a beaver.

Mahomes took questions from Instagram followers on what appeared to be a rare, quiet evening for the mother of two, wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and co-owner of the Kansas City Current soccer team.

“Kids asleep early, ask away,” she invited.

Her most blunt answer?

“Will you be doing a house tour?”


(That sound you hear is hearts of Chiefs fans breaking. There’s a lot of curiosity about their new home, especially after people saw it under construction in the Netflix documentary “Quarterback.”)

Another fan wished Mahomes “would share more of your life/day. Haters ruined it for all of us.”

“Unfortunately the less I share the less I have to deal with horrible people,” Mahomes responded.

Here are eight things she shared.

1. She is not pregnant. “So you aren’t pregnant now. I’m asking for my cousin who is trying to convince me that you are,” one follower asked.

“I’m not really sure where this rumor started but no I am not pregnant,” Mahomes said.

2. Two kids might be enough. “Will you have more kids?” another asked. Brittany and Patrick have two children, Sterling, 2, and Bronze, 8 months.

“There are a lot of these (questions) … lol,” she wrote. “We aren’t sure honestly! Part of me says yes part of me says ehhhh maybe not!”

3. The new home is lacking little things. Asked to name something she would have done differently in their “dream house,” Mahomes wrote: “More outlets and light switches.”

4. She didn’t like that viral view of their home. She told another follower that “privacy and safety” were her favorite things about the new house so far. Loch Lloyd is a gated community in northwest Cass County,

When people were trying to figure out where they were building, someone took an aerial view of the property that went viral. Did that annoy you, one person asked her.

“Indeed it did.,” Mahomes responded.

5. The kids might learn at home. “Will your kids go to regular school OR will you homeschool?” a fan asked.

“I am leaning towards home school,” said Mahomes.

6. Of course she has a nanny. “I have a nanny and some friends that help and I am so very thankful for them,” she said when asked how she does it with “Patrick being gone and having 2 kids.”

7. She boosts her pout. A self-described Botox user asked Mahomes to name her favorite cosmetic procedure. “Filler in my lips,” said Mahomes, who also shared that she takes Nutrafol hair growth supplement.

8. They have a beaver problem. Hey are those beavers at your place under control yet, someone asked the NFL wife?

“We just put something over the bottom of the trees that were left!” she wrote. “We saw the damn beaver the other day too coming back for more.”