Ariana Grande has hilarious response to 'crazy' tabloid rumor on 'Carpool Karaoke'

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Ariana Grande was the latest superstar to go for a “Carpool Karoake” ride on The Late Late Show With James Corden. And while she is dealing with chatter about her fiancé, Pete Davidson, the singer said there is another rumor she just can’t get over.

While riding around and singing, Corden asked Grande to give an example of silly rumors. Grande mentioned the pregnancy rumors that surrounded the announcement of her engagement to Davidson. But the one she finds most amusing is that she likes to be carried everywhere.

It stemmed from a pic she posted on Instagram of her tour manager carrying her after she hurt her toes. When Corden asked if there’s any truth to it, Grande exclaimed, “No! No! That’s so stupid! Are you crazy?”

Since it was so ridiculous, she and Corden thought it would be fun to convince the good people at Starbucks that it’s true. Carried on Corden’s back, Grande went into the coffee shop and ordered … a soy latte, grande-sized of course!

Before leaving, Grande told onlookers, “Did you know I demand to be carried everywhere? That’s the kind of pop star I am. If you see me anywhere, it’s because I didn’t walk there myself. I promise.”

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