Ariana Grande Just Switched Up Her Signature Winged Eyeliner For A New Look

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Photo credit: Ash K Holm/@ash_kholm
Photo credit: Ash K Holm/@ash_kholm

If you’re a fan of Ariana Grande (and I mean, who isn’t?!), you’ll know that the singer has a solid go-to beauty look.

For hair, you can expect to see her locks scraped back into a tight ponytail or a half-up, half-down hairdo. While on make-up, Ari usually sports matte skin, a glossy nude or pink lipstick and, of course, her signature sharp winged eyeliner.

Except, in a recent beauty look, the singer kicked her eyeliner game up a notch. Alexa, play Ciara's Level Up.

In pictures posted on Instagram by Ari’s go-to make-up artist Ash K Holm, the singer is still rocking her usual matte skin and glossy lip but we can’t stop staring at her eyes.

Ash has drawn on Ariana’s signature winged eyeliner but instead of stopping at the pointed edge, she continued the line along the singer’s eye crease. The result? A super sharp and trendy graphic eyeliner look. My shaky hands could never.

Her modern eyeliner look contrasted perfectly with her classic satin black gown and white gloves. Obsessed.

Might just have to try (emphasis on the try) and copy this look – but first, I’ll need to stock up on cotton buds to help clean up any inevitable mistakes…

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