Ariana Grande surprises fans and drops new details about upcoming album

Ariana Grande basically took over The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night, where she invited some of her super fans to sing a cover of her hit song "One Last Time" as a fan video. However, little did they know, they were actually singing it live to her.

Grande also took part in one of Fallon's hilarious sketches, called "NBD," and impressed with her impressions during Fallon's "Musical Genre Challenge" as she sang Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" circa 2003 Evanescence and Drake's "God's Plan" as a '90s pop singer. In fact, Grande was so good at her impersonations, that Fallon later asked the pop star to share her Jennifer Coolidge impression circa Legally Blonde. And it was awesome.

Later during the interview portion, Grande revealed details about her new album, which she said is dropping this summer and is titled "Sweetener." When Fallon asked her to explain the name of her album, Grande shared, "It's kind of about, like, bringing light to a situation, or to someone's life, or somebody else who brings light to your life, or sweetening the situation." Grande also shared the name of some of the songs on the upcoming album- "R.E.M." "The Light is Coming" "God is a Woman" and "Raindrops." The latter being the first song on the album, which is "a cover of a small part of a song from the '50s called 'An Angel Cried.' And I had it, like, in my head. I woke up, we were really close to finishing the album and I had it in my head," said Grande, who also shared why this particular story behind the song gave her goosebumps. "I went to go check to see who wrote it. I mean, I was curious, you know. And, so, it turns out - this is so crazy. Y'all are going to think I'm lying, but my grandfather's best friend, who I grew up hanging out with in Boca, Charlie Calello, wrote it with Bob Gaudio from The Four Seasons. And that really just gave me goosebumps."

And to close out the show, Grande gave a stellar performance for the TV debut of her new hit single, "No Tears Left to Cry."