Ariana Grande Wears These Retinol Eye Patches for 4 Hours Pre-Makeup Application

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Shoppers say they make eye bags “disappear.”

<p>Getty Images / Amazon / InStyle</p>

Getty Images / Amazon / InStyle

Ariana Grande just revealed her skincare and makeup secrets. In a recent Vogue video, the singer prepped her skin for a dewy, hydrated glow prior to creating a pretty pink ‘60s-inspired makeup look. One of her skincare essentials — specifically, for creating a smooth, plump under-eye area, is the Shiseido Benefiance Retinol Smoothing Eye Mask. The under-eye patches are available at Amazon, where shoppers swear they work wonders for fading fine lines and quelling puffiness.




The Shiseido Benefiance Retinol Smoothing Eye Mask is a set of single-use, serum-doused under-eye patches designed to fade fine lines over time and plump skin on contact. With 12 packets, each containing two sheets, the under-eye masks shake out to $6 per set. While pricier than some, these fabric patches are swimming in an ultra-effective anti-aging elixir, which stars skincare’s preeminent line-fighting ingredient, retinol.

ICYMI: The vitamin A derivative has been shown, on countless occasions, to fade the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and improve skin firmness; all of which are ideal for the delicate under-eye area, which is prone to crepiness, laxity, and crow’s feet.

Prior to applying the patches, Grande slathered on a cooling eye balm — one of her “favorite” products from her brand, r.e.m. beauty. Next, the singer placed the Shiseido patches over the balm application  — which, by virtue of how sheet masks seal in product and enhance absorption, was a prudent choice. “Which way are these supposed to go, world?” she quipped, as she slapped the patches with the smaller end facing inward. (TBH, I have the same question.) It hardly matters, however, as the patches cover a remarkably vast surface area, spanning from the inner eye corners to approximately half of the cheekbone.

“A good four hours” later, Grande peeled the patches away, revealing a hydrated, bright-eyed finish. Personally, I rarely don eye patches north of 10 minutes; mostly in light of their slippery, migration-prone wear. Grande’s four-hour stint, however, has me convinced that Shiseido’s could be a longwearing exception.

One shopper, who is in their mid-forties and “looking for wrinkle help” is “highly impressed” with how it fades the appearance of crow’s feet. Moreover, they say it “makes bags under my eyes disappear,” adding that their “face has never looked better.” According to another impressed reviewer, the patches have made their “laugh lines and puffiness go down a lot,” adding that their under-eyes appear “smoother.” Yet another shopper swears by the pads, noting that they use them to “keep [their] under-eyes smooth and hydrated on long flights.”

For an under-eye smoothing, line-fading solution that Grande uses and shoppers love, snag the Shiseido Benefiance Retinol Smoothing Eye Mask at Amazon.

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