Arianna is celebrating her identity with this glamorous drag transformation

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On this episode of Dragged, host Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) helps scientist Arianna celebrate her identity by transforming her into her dazzling “ditzy” drag alter-ego named “Polly?”

When asked about why she wants a drag makeover, Arianna shares that she’s newly out as pansexual. “This is, like, huge for me,” she says. “It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. I have a huge dance background but I come from a pretty classic Latino family so it’s always been more acceptable to watch and enjoy drag and queer culture than it was to participate in it.”

Arianna is looking for a drag identity that’s the “antithesis” to her “normal self.” By day, Arianna is a scientist, so she’s after a drag persona that’s a little more ditzy than her profession allows.

To kick things off, Thorgy Thor and stylist, Elle LC, choose a bright pink flamenco dancer-style outfit that’s fun, bright and “very, very draggy,” according to Thorgy.

When it comes to glam, makeup artist, Blue, went with a bright pink eye that compliments Arianna’s drag outfit and reflects her big personality.

As far as a name, Arianna came up with “Polly?” The drag name is a nod to Arianna’s pansexual identity, and phrasing it as a question reinforces the ditzy aspect of her drag persona. Thorgy thinks it’s perfect.

Once the whole look is put together, Polly? can’t stop dancing. “I feel gorgeous,” says Arianna of her drag makeover. “I feel like I’m living my full drag fantasy right now.”

“You look sexy, you look cool,” Thorgy says, before asking Arianna if she thinks her family would like her drag transformation. “I think so, yeah,” she says. “They would think I look gorgeous.”

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