Why Did Ariel Winter and Her Boyfriend Get Tattoos of Cheese and Peanut Butter?

Ariel Winter is back in the news, and this time it’s for something kind of cute. The 19-year-old and her 29-year-old boyfriend, Levi, got not one but two matching tattoos.

On Wednesday, Ariel posted on Twitter to ask her fans if they had any tattoo ideas.

Later that night she shared on Snapchat that she was at a tattoo parlor with her boyfriend, Levi. The couple got matching ring-finger tattoos. Hers was of a block of cheese, and his was a jar of peanut butter.

Ariel Winter’s new cheese tattoo. (Photo: Snapchat)

This wasn’t the only matching tattoo they got last night — and No. 2 was a little less foodie and a little more romantic. Ariel and Levi each got one half of a red heart on the inside of their palms.

Ariel Winter’s heart tattoo. (Photo: Snapchat)

That was it in terms of SHARED tattoos — but Ariel wasn’t finished just yet. Based on her snapchats — she got three more! She showed off a very detailed snake on her inner forearm…

Ariel Winter’s snake tattoo. (Photo: Snapchat)

And posted a pic of her getting a tattoo on her rib cage…

Ariel Winter’s rib-cage tattoo. (Photo: Snapchat)

Plus, if you zoom in on the photo of the matching heart tattoo, you see that she just got ink done on her wrist. So does this mean that Ariel got five new tattoos last night … adding to the five she previously had? The actress has talked about how much she loves getting tattoos, saying, “I think it’s a super fun way of expressing yourself. I only get tattoos that are really meaningful to me, and I love it.”

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