Ariel Winter Is Tired of Seeing Headlines About Her ‘Slutty Shorts’ and ‘Live-In Lover Levi’

Can’t a short shorts-wearing TV star shop for groceries with her boyfriend in peace?

Ariel Winter, 19, is all about being a free spirit these days, but she was feeling like anything but after paparazzi snapped photos of her leaving a Ralph’s supermarket in Sherman Oaks, Calif., with her boyfriend, Levi Meaden, 29, on Tuesday. The newly redhead took to Instagram to vent about the pix, snapped by the agency Backgrid, and the way she’s been portrayed in the media lately.

“Y’all I NEVER post pap pics but I just got sent this and I’m posting it because Levi’s SOOO pissed and his face is SOOOO good,” the Modern Family actress, 19, wrote. “It’s f***ing Ralphs! What headline are you getting with this????? Over and over! ‘Ariel in SLUTTY SHORTS & live in lover Levi’ like ok can we just live and not be followed? Take pics on red carpets where we sign up for that not when we’re just trying to grocery shop for f***s sake.”

Winter got a lot of love for her post about the downside of fame, which has 124,418 likes. But while there were loads of people saying, “Preach!!!!!,” there were also comments like, “It’s the life and attention you wanted. Deal with it!” And, yes, there were also a lot of comments about her shorts.

Of note, one of her supporters (the most famous one on the list) was Bella Thorne, the D-list actress who stepped out with a completely see-through top and no bra over the weekend while partying at West Hollywood hotspot The Peppermint Club. She responded to Ariel’s post by writing, “Totally.”

Winter has been a strong force of the body positive message and received a lot of praise for that. However, her wardrobe (or lack thereof) has been making headlines for the last year-plus. She’s made it clear that she wants to wear what she wants when she wants — and that’s fine. But now the paparazzi are trailing her in hopes of getting their own thong pix while she hangs at nude beaches, and her racier looks, especially when she’s next to more conservatively dressed co-stars, are news.

While Winter’s hit ABC series is on hiatus of the summer, she’s been seen spending a lot of time with actor Meaden, whom she started dating last fall and who now lives with her in her L.A. mansion. While that was a fact that she herself offered up while doing some self-promotion on Jimmy Kimmel Live last month, she apparently doesn’t want people talking about ole “live-in lover Levi” now either.

Oh, the complicated life of a teen millionairess.

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