Arnold Schwarzenegger Turned Down an Invite on Sylvester Stallone's Yacht: 'I Can Get My Own' (Exclusive)

"What, do you think I’m going to ask, 'When can I have dinner?' " Schwarzenegger tells PEOPLE ahead of his new book's release

Todd Williamson/Getty Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in Westwood, California, on Nov. 19, 2015
Todd Williamson/Getty Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in Westwood, California, on Nov. 19, 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger likely won't be yachting with Sylvester Stallone anytime soon.

Speaking with PEOPLE before the release of his book Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life (out Oct. 10), the star says that despite his "fantastic" relationship with Stallone, 77, they have different ideas of a good time.

"Sly calls me: 'Want to come on the yacht?' What, do you think I’m going to ask, 'When can I have dinner?' It’s not going to happen," Schwarzenegger, 76, deadpans. "I can get my own yacht. That’s not my trip. I can’t even relax under those circumstances."

Schwarzenegger and Stallone have a rivalry-laden history between them, as two of the biggest action stars of the last several decades. The two even got shoulder surgery on the same day in 2012 before shooting a film together. "He always has to do everything I do," jokes Schwarzenegger.

Today, Schwarzenegger says, the two are close. "I really admire him," says the Terminator star. "I love him. He’s just a different person than me." "He’s much more raw, and he’s much more vulnerable and in touch with his emotions," he adds of his friend.

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"When he gets mad, he just gets mad," Schwarzenegger says. "It’s like when you light a fuse — his goes right away. 'Boom!' Mine goes, 'Shhh.' It takes two days to get to the actual boom. It makes him good in acting, because he feels things immediately."

Sea-faring invitations aside, "I don’t plan a day go on vacation to Europe or to go on a boat like most of my friends do," the actor and former California governor says when asked about his ideal way to decompress.

"I can relax at home," he says. "I can relax in my office when I work. Or I'll go to the USC Schwarzenegger Institute and hang out with the students."

Arnold Schwarzenegger's book <em>Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life</em>
Arnold Schwarzenegger's book Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life

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Schwarzenegger, who shares his chief life lessons in Be Useful, also gave props to actors he has gotten advice from over the years — even when it was through observation.

"Jeff Bridges or Sally Field — [it] was absolute heaven to me to watch them perform, how smooth they were and how much I had to grow," he says of 1976's Stay Hungry. "[I learned] to be natural, not to act. It’s what made Sally Field start falling into tears and crying and throwing fits. It was really her."

Clint Eastwood, he says, "was my idol because he was kind of Mr. Cool. His approach of not being noisy, that he was able to listen, I always loved that. Because I always thought that there’s something to be said about listening."

Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life is out Oct. 10, and available for preorder now on

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