Art Lovers, You're Going to Be Obsessed with Louis Vuitton and Jeff Koons' New Collection

Ruthie Friedlander


This month, Louis Vuitton will launch its second collection with contemporary artist Jeff Koons, you know, the dude that makes those amazing balloon dogs? Based on Koons’ “Masters” series of paintings—his plays on the most famous works of art—the collection will include a new range of bags and accessories. For the new additions, Koons’ Gauguin, Manet, Turner, Monet, and Boucher pieces will be transposed onto iconic Vuitton bags.

In celebration of the new collection, Louis Vuitton and Koons came together to create quite possibly the best Instagram video we’ve seen in a while. Artworld, brace yourself. You’re about to see something that’ll be viral.

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You choose to live in a Monet, Jeff? We choose to live in an LV x Koons bag. And if you come with it, that's just all the better.

And just to make things even cooler the brand created this video, which we've been watching on repeat for the past hour. Dancing water lilies? We'll take it.

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This isn't the first time Vuitton has teamed up with a world-renowned artist. The brand is famous for getting the best artists to create some of the most exclusive, highly collectible pieces in fashion history (just Google Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton or Kusama for Louis Vuitton to see). The new Jeff Koons collection will be officially unveiled on October 27, 2017.