Arthur's teacher comes out as gay and gets married on the PBS Kids show's season premiere

PBS has just confirmed what those with heightened gaydar have suspected for years — Mr. Ratburn, Arthur's no-nonsense-with-a-heart-of-gold teacher, is gay. Beyond that, in the Season 22 premiere of the PBS Kids show, the admirable educator gets married.

Mr. Ratburn, the beloved teacher in the PBS Kids's show Arthur, gets married in the 22nd season premiere. (Photo: PBS)

The animated children's series Arthur entered its 22nd season with a celebration in an episode titled "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone." The episode covers a topic that many children find relatable: Their teacher actually has a life outside of school.

“When they go home, they sharpen pencils, eat kale and dream up homework assignments,” Buster Baxter, Arthur's best friend claims about teachers. “They don’t even sleep! They just go into low-power mode and watch documentaries.”

Immediately, the children grow concerned when they witness a woman (voiced by Jane Lynch) telling Mr. Ratburn to "toughen up." The children know that if their beloved teacher were to marry such a person he would be miserable. On the wedding day, Arthur, Buster and the rest of the gang discover that the woman is actually Mr. Ratburn's sister and that he is marrying a man.

The entire heartwarming episode can be viewed here. The internet was not shy in their opinions about a cartoon school teacher inviting his students to his wedding.

The episode does not overtly label Mr. Ratburn as "gay" much like another episode of an Arthur spinoff show, Postcards From Buster, that featured gay characters. In the episode, Buster meets a number of children whose moms were lesbians. While Buster comments, "Boy, that's a lot of moms!" it is not said that they are lesbians.

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