Ascend Ecom Works to Bring Transparency to the Ecommerce Industry

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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 18, 2022 / Over the last few years, a new trend in ecommerce has arisen: companies that create and manage their clients' online stores that sell products through Amazon and Walmart. Clients can potentially earn passive income, as the company handles everything from choosing products, to shipping, to invoicing. With everything existing in the virtual space, however, and the company often based in a city that is different from its client's, there is the possibility of fraud. It's a problem that the team at Ascend Ecom, including its founder, Will Basta, care deeply about and set out to help solve when they began building and running online ecommerce stores for people interested in potentially diversifying their income streams.

The Problem of Fraud in Ecommerce

In the old days, brick-and-mortar stores made owning and running a business relatively simple. If you hired someone to manage your bike shop, for example, you could stop in on any given day, take a look at the books, see how business was going, and in general check to make sure everything was on the up and up.

Online stores have changed that model. Investors still have an asset that has the potential to produce cash, appreciate, and be sold, but it's in the digital space. They are no longer able to look over their manager's shoulder so easily. Instead, they must trust that the person or company managing their online business is truly shipping those orders and paying the profits they are owed.

Is it really so surprising, then, that as it becomes more popular to own a digital store run by a third party, there is the possibility of fraud?

Ascend Ecom's Solution: Bring Transparency Into Ecommerce

Ascend Ecom states that to combat the bad actors the industry has seen and maintain the trust of its clients, it has built visibility into each aspect of the customer experience. "It begins with the onboarding process. When we researched the industry, we found that too many people did not understand what they were investing in or how it would work. We decided that this would be the first part of owning an online store that we would address."

With this in mind, Ascend Ecom created an onboarding process that focuses on ensuring clients understand the backend of their business. Clients are able to ask any question and receive detailed answers before their Amazon or Walmart online store is even created.

From there, each client works with a specialist who keeps them informed about each stage of their business' development, including the creation of the website, choice of products, management of inventory, shipment of orders, and handling of all customer service.

Additionally, both the Los Angeles office and Dallas warehouse are open for anyone to visit. "We have an open door policy because we want our clients to know that real people are working for them and that there really is a warehouse that handles the shipment of all of their orders," says Ascend Ecom. "We also work hard to prioritize each of our client's businesses. At our central warehouse facility and distribution center, each client gets a unit allotted to them for their products. No one ever gets lost in the crowd."

By creating a system that prioritizes integrity and visibility, Ascend Ecom says that it has generated $25 million in revenue for its clients in 2021 alone. The company states, "We have 155 partners and clients, many of whom were referred to us because of the good reputation we have earned in the ecommerce space. All of this is because we have put ethics ahead of profits."

Ascend Ecom: The Future of Ecommerce

The reality is that so long as there is money to be made, fraud in any industry, including ecommerce, will never completely go away. That said, we may over time see less of it in the industry as customers reward companies like Ascend Ecom with their repeat business and positive reviews, ultimately leading to a stronger online shopping experience for more people.

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