Ashley Graham shares intimate video of her breastfeeding baby son: 'He's a master latcher'

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Supermodel Ashley Graham posted a close-up video of herself breastfeeding son Issac on Instagram. (Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage)
Supermodel Ashley Graham posted a close-up video of herself breastfeeding son Issac on Instagram. (Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage)

Ashley Graham isn’t one to hide the realities of motherhood. So it’s no surprise that the supermodel and host of the Pretty Big Deal podcast posted a close-up video of herself breastfeeding her 6-month-old son, Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin.

“My Isaac Menelik,” the caption read.

The video, which contained no sound, was part of series featuring Graham and her husband Justin Ervin as they hung out at home with their little one. In the first video, Ervin speaks Italian with the diaper-clad baby, calling him “Il mio piccolo cuore,” or “my little heart.”

In the next slide, baby Isaac is shown grasping his mom’s necklaces as she asks if he wants to go swimming, followed by several shots of Isaac playing naked in a baby pool set up in the grassy yard.

Quickly, comments started flooding in praising Graham’s openness. When one person commented on Isaac’s great ability to latch on, Graham replied, “He’s a master latcher!” When another mom shared that she’s still nursing her 11-month-old, Graham responded, “You are amazing! I’m trying to figure out how long to go!”

Graham replied with amazement when one mother said, “My goal was 6 months and here I am almost 7 years later still going nursing my boys back to back.”

“OK this might be a good place to start a convo — how do you breastfeed a 2-year-old, him eat solids and still have enough milk to breastfeed?” Graham asked. “I feel like I’ll have to pump all day in between feedings to keep my supply up.”

The video post followed one earlier this week which showed Graham using a breast pump while Issac sat nearby.

“Breakfast of Champions — extra love to the multitasking mamas club today as I check emails and pump,” Graham captioned the Instagram post, which showed her sporting a black nursing bra and orange terry cloth shorts.

The supermodel has long been candid about the less glamorous moments of motherhood. Back in February, she shared a photo on Instagram showing her changing her son’s dirty diaper in the aisle of a Staples store, Yahoo previously reported.

Graham and Ervin welcomed Isaac on Jan. 18.

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