'Natural is more appealing': ASOS praised for showing model with stomach rolls

Image via Twitter.
Image via Twitter.

An online retailer is receiving praise for promoting natural bodies with its latest swimsuit models.

Earlier this week, ASOS shoppers took to social media to applaud the store for including swimwear models posed in a way that embraces their natural stomach rolls.

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Twitter user Madeline shared photos of the un-airbrushed model’s stomach writing, “Thank u ASOS for these angles.”

The tweet quickly went viral, with more than16,000 retweets and nearly 60,000 likes, with many commenting on the retailer’s commitment to body diversity.

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“It is great when we as humans set realistic and healthy standards rather than just Photoshop and marketing manipulation,” one person wrote.

“Natural is more appealing,” another echoed, while another user added, “Victoria’s Secret is shaking.”

“There’s only ever airbrushed skinny,” another added. “As someone [who] is skinny with a body image complex, it’s nice to see skinny girls with a tummy.”

Others were quick to share photos from other brands such as Aerie, ThirdLove and Target which consistently showcase models with what were traditionally perceived as beauty “imperfections.”

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Although a move in the right direction towards, there were some who felt as though ASOS’s attempts to represent different bodies was lacking. The model, although posed non-traditionally for a swimwear retailer, was still a white, slim, non-impaired female.

“Body image issues are so rampant because people see a bit of skin rolls and genuinely think it’s fat which is the issue I have with giving ASOS a pat on the back for this,” Twitter user Christine wrote.

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Despite the valid criticisms, body diversity still means representing slim or smaller body types. Although larger bodies are still under-represented in fashion media, it’s important for brands to still recognize that smaller people are just as influenced by the manipulated air-brushed images, and must be shown in a realistic manner. There’s still plenty of work to do, but stomach rolls are a good start.

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