Astrologer Susan Miller on where to travel this summer, according to your zodiac sign

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Whether you’ve traveled everywhere or nowhere, there’s nothing quite like the warmth and romance of summer to entice you to hit ‘book’ on that plane ticket. But just like every country has different customs, each zodiac sign seeks a variety of activities and experiences from their vacation. Before you decide on where you’ll land, take the advice of renowned astrologer and founder of Susan Miller. Here she walks us through the ideal destinations for every sign:

Aries: America’s Southwest

The final precarious section of the hiking trail to Angels Landing in Zion National Park, Utah. (Getty Images)

While some folks want to sleep in, log off and zone out for their vacation, Miller says Aries need a tad more excitement. Truth be told, you probably need some R&R, but you’ll quickly get bored if you don’t have a few heart-racing activities planned. “Aries choose destinations that offer new thrills, and often go for physical adventures that test their mettle. Your ruler, Mars, is the warrior planet, and has blessed you with a zesty love of experience,” Miller explains.

Because you’re a fire sign, you’ll always find yourself attracted to warm, dry heat, and, paired with a freedom-loving spirit, you crave big sky country … like you’d find in America’s Southwest. Rent a car, start your journey in Zion National Park, and make your way to countless others picturesque destinations scattered about the way as you cross state lines. Here you can stay in campgrounds or upgrade to hotels if you need a little civilization. A middle ground to consider along the journey is the YMCA of the Rockies, at the entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park, which offers adventure for couples, singles, and families.

Taurus: Aspen

The snowcapped Maroon Bells. (Getty Images)

As a Taurus, you need to be stimulated and inspired in earthy settings — but you’ll never rough it. Miller explains you’ll gladly swap out sleeping bags for a soft bed and goose-down pillows, making you one of the most “boujee” signs of the zodiac. And while Aspen is often considered a winter destination, Miller says Taurans will enjoy a luxury lodge experience with a breathtaking view that stimulates all of their senses. She suggests doing your homework so you ensure your sometimes picky tastes will be satisfied. One summer event to consider is the annual Snowmass Balloon Festival in early September. It’s one of the highest-altitude hot-air balloon events in the country; you’ll see 30 pilots compete in challenges over three days, making for incredible color patterns that dot the late-summer sky over Roaring Fork Valley.

Prefer an international escape? Miller says to research the wonder of Sugar Loaf in Brazil or Victoria Falls in Africa for a passport-required excursion.

Gemini: Mexico

Mexico City’s downtown at twilight. (Photo: Getty Images)

While you might be the type to put off trip planning until the very last minute (or until your Virgo bestie lights a fire under you) — once you’ve decided on where you’re going, you like to pack every minute with adventure. As Miller explains, Geminis tend to utilize vacation time as an opportunity to learn new skills, have exciting new experiences, and gain a new perspective on life. “Generally, you want stimulation, not rest, and have energy to burn. You cram as much as you can into your itinerary and know no bounds. Your ruling planet, Mercury, was the mythological messenger of the gods and was the only deity on Mt. Olympus who could roam freely. Like your ruler, you don’t like restrictions,” she explains.

So where can you get a little of this and a little of that? Miller suggests splitting your time between two environments, since you’re a double-bodied sign. “Buy an open-ended airline ticket that would allow you to fly to one city and leave from another,” she recommends. What about a Mexican beach vacation, followed by a visit to Mexico City? That’s the best of both worlds.  

Cancer: Miami

Looking down South Beach in Miami. (Getty Images)

How do you decompress when you have a disappointing meeting with your boss, a fight with your significant other, or a stressful situation with your best friend? Miller says that for Cancers, happiness is achieved by the calm and serenity of water. Considering most of the Earth consists of water, this makes your choice of vacation destination virtually endless — from the shores of Miami Beach to the canals of Amsterdam, to the unbelievable shades of Tahiti blue.

For a more affordable and easy-to-get-to vacation, stay in Miami. Here, you can rent a beach house or stay a bit out of the expensive areas by booking a room at El Paseo Hotel Miami Beach. Make sure to spend days lounging in the pretty water and beautiful white sands, and of course, filling your tummy with fresh seafood under spectacular sunsets.

Leo: New York City

Bird’s-eye view of New York City. (Getty Images)

In nearly every aspect in your life, Leo — from your sense of self to your friendships and career — you expect the crème de la crème. As Miller explains, Leo wants luxury and is willing to spend whatever is necessary to create the most unique and memorable trip possible. “They don’t see the point of going away if it’s just more struggle and hassle! To a Leo, that would never be a rest — it would be just like home! How boring!” she adds.

And while the Maldives is amongst the priciest destinations out there, an isolated location in the middle of the ocean isn’t exactly what you gregarious, highly social Leos are after. Instead, you’ll enjoy a city with an endless array of entertainment, dining, shopping, and culture. This makes New York City a no-brainer destination. “Buy your tickets to the theater, ballet, concert or opera, or even a great circus or magic show before you leave home, so you don’t risk a sell-out,” Miller suggests. “Afterwards, stop into a hip jazz club or a quaint café for a nightcap. Sit outside and watch the world go by, dear Leo — that’s one of your favorite pastimes.”

Where should you stay? Only at a swanky place — with plenty of art deco, cocktails and plush pillows. Consider Moxy Times Square or the Library Hotel in Midtown, which, as the name suggests, puts you right at the heart of the action.

Virgo: Peru

Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. (Photo: Getty Images)

Among your many admirable qualities, Virgo, you’re the hardest worker of the zodiac with a strong — nearly insatiable — need to feel productive. Even on vacation. For the late-August to mid-September birthday baby, Miller says a beach vacation sounds less than ideal. “You hunger for action and intellectual stimulation, so plan a trip with plenty to do and see. You even like vacations that require new mastery of language, as well as etiquette, navigation, or history,” she explains.

This is why Virgos should prioritize a journey, rather than a getaway. “The more different the location is from your native locale and the more there is to tackle, the better! A faraway, exotic place is ideal for Virgo. Such destinations allow you to immerse yourself in an unfamiliar environment and test your ability to adapt,” she adds. Thanks to the weather, this makes Peru an ideal destination for Virgos, since it offers Lima’s budding food scene, the fascinating history of Machu Picchu, and even the surprising sand dunes of Huacachina. Since you’re a skilled researcher, Miller says you’ll want to know the ins and outs of your upcoming trip, so let us take some of the work off your hands. The J.W. Marriott Cusco, Sumaq in Machu Picchu and the Westin in Lima are your best bets.

Libra: Beverly Hills

The palm trees of Beverly Hills. (Photo: Getty Images)

Of the signs in the zodiac, Miller says Libras good taste might be the best. Libras prefer to go to an exciting resort or a big city, with plenty of dining options, cafes, clubs, and boutiques. “You like to go where the nightlife is hopping, where the people are beautiful, the scenery is gorgeous, the shopping lively and the city or town is culturally sophisticated. After all, luxury-loving Venus is your ruler,” Miller explains. As one of the most posh and highly desired neighborhoods in the world, set your sights and your vacation fund on the land of the stars, Beverly Hills.

After you spend your days strolling around, sipping champagne on outdoor verandas, nibbling on tacos and touring Rodeo Drive, Miller recommends upgrading to a fanciest of places to rest your head. “You’ll want a hotel that offers a spacious room with a view, superb air conditioning, plenty of European goose down pillows, Egyptian cotton sheets and a soft, snuggly comforter encased in an elegant white cotton duvet,” she explains. “Add beautifully scented body gel, thick terry cloth robes, room service, and chocolates on the pillows.”

Where to stay? Consider these four- and five-star recommendations: W Los Angeles-West Beverly Hills; the London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills; and Hotel Palomar Los Angeles-Beverly Hills.

Scorpio: Hawaii

The spectacular Na Pali coast, Kauai, Hawaii. (Photo: Getty Images)

When it comes to the precious time you have away from the office, Miller says Scorpios need ultimate privacy in a soothing setting. Preferably near aqua. “Pluto, your ruler, gives you a strong penchant for seclusion, and the fact that you are a water sign suggests you might enjoy a cottage at a beautiful seashore resort far from crowds,” Miller explains. Your desire to disconnect from the hustle-bustle can be credited to Pluto, as Miller says you have considerable energy that you direct inwards, making you competitive, intense, passionate, and private. “Room service, a well-stocked fridge with champagne and chocolates, and your smartphone for music is all you’ll need. To you, a vacation is an opportunity to drop out for a little while,” she explains.

Make your way to Hawaii, where a scattering of islands give you many options to escape your work obligations — and your friends too if you want. Book a villa through Exotic Estates, where you have your pick of remote options throughout the state.

Sagittarius: Argentina

The Perito Moreno Glacier in Santa Cruz province, Argentina. (Photo: Getty Images)

Travel comes second nature to you, Sagittarius, and it is a hobby you practice regularly. As Miller says, Sagittarians not only need to get out of town — but far away from their home base. “Nothing gets your pulse racing faster than the prospect of taking a trip to a city you’ve never seen, or traveling to another country,” she explains. “You need lots of mental stimulation and will study the history and culture of your destination long before you embark. Sagittarius is usually skilled at languages, so you should be able to master at least some basic words fairly quickly.” If you’ve never checked South America off your bucket list, now is the time to head to Argentina, a country that offers everything from the bustling city of Buenos Aires to the captivating mountains of Patagonia and the trendy wineries of Mendoza. When you make it to vino country, make sure to opt for a horseback ride through Tapiz Winery, since Miller claims you have an equestrian affinity. Since you’re athletic, it is worth it to train for a hike through summer-friendly mountains, and of course, wind down in a city afterwards. 

Capricorn: Boston

Downtown Boston at dusk. (Photo: Getty Images)

For this earth sign that’s symbolized by a goat, Capricorns, you’ll find yourself intrigued by everything this historic New England city has to offer. The same goes for any locale with impressive roots. “Your love of [the past] might lead you to visit … Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, or Williamsburg, Va. These cities would bring you opportunity to explore life as it was in the Colonial era,” Miller explains. “Your sign also usually enjoys browsing for antiques, so consider a trip to flea markets and antiques shops.” Make sure to prioritize visits to universities or even opt for travel agencies that offer package tours to truly investigate times long ago. Very long ago. “Capricorn rules bones and artifacts from the past, so such a trip — one that digs for dinosaurs — could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” she says.

You’re not too picky about where you rest your head, but you’re a sucker for a killer view. Book your stay at the Envoy Hotel on Boston’s waterfront, with the Lookout Rooftop. Once you finish your blast from the past, you can satiate your thirst with a cocktail. Or a Sam Adams.

Aquarius: Disney World’s Epcot Center

Epcot Center at Disney World in Orlando, Fla. (Photo: Getty Images)

If you’re an Aquarian, you don’t need an astrologer to tell you how easily bored you can get without adventure in your vacation. Because you’re ruled by Uranus, the planet that often brings interest in science, Miller says you’ll have a special and unique inclination to visit spots that fascinate you. “A vacation in the great outdoors also would be a good choice; an offbeat trip to an unexplored area you have never seen would be ideal,” she explains. One spot to consider is Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla! More specifically: Epcot Center, where you’ll learn about other countries and always be stimulated. Drag along your friends for some entertainment, but remember, you won’t want too much togetherness with a partner or a pal, so Miller says to schedule some alone time to shop, take a walk, or have a cup of java on your own.

If you’re feeling politically minded this year, Miller recommends you give in to that inclination. “Politically aware on a global level, your strong intellectual curiosity and humanitarian instincts might be sated by visiting a country or city where social change is underway. This might mean a trip to Washington, D.C., or another American city with political undertones.”

Pisces: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay, a popular tourist destination in Jamaica. (Photo: Getty Images)

You might not actually live in a dream world, Pisces, but you like to pretend you do, according to Miller. “Pisces has a rich imagination, so for your trip, find a place that has a touch of fairy-tale magic about it. Anything that offers too much of real life — traffic, ringing phones, billboards, and so forth — will dampen your spirit,” she explains. Because you’re a water sign, it is important to stay by the shore to fully disengage and unplug. Here you can wake up slow, swim in the sea, and enjoy the remarkable sunsets of this island nation. “Look for a vacation cottage that offers a view of the ocean — the sound of the surf rolling in will soothe and comfort you,” she suggests. “You would likely favor swimming, sailing, rowing, snorkeling and long walks along the beach. Chartering a yacht or private boat to sightsee would be a good idea.”

For a weekend or a week, book a home available through Bluefield Bays Jamaica. For an affordable price, these two- to five-bedroom options allow you and your family to have a private place to unwind, relax, and explore. They offer personal chefs, yoga classes, hiking excursions, and much more. 

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