Astros dine on Safeco Field grasshoppers for pregame meal

The Seattle Mariners hit an unexpected home run last season when they added toasted grasshoppers, or chapulines, to the menu at Safeco Field.

The chapulines, which are served in a bowl at a Mexican stand called Poquitos, were a such a huge hit that it routinely sold out. That left the team shocked by the delicacy’s popularity and the stand with no choice but to keep chapulines on the menu for 2018 season.

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As we learned on Wednesday, toasted grasshoppers are becoming more than just a fan favorite. Opposing teams are getting on the grasshopper bandwagon too.

Before Wednesday’s game, Houston Astros pitcher Colin McHugh brought containers filled with Poquitos’ chapulines into the clubhouse. He then passed them around and filmed as his teammates took turns trying them out.

Warning: Turn away now if you don’t want to watch people eating grasshoppers.

Not a single person shown turned down McHugh’s offer. Bullpen catcher Javier Bracamonte even seemed determined to eat all of the grasshoppers himself. We’re not saying they all enjoyed it to that extent, but the fact none of them seemed to flinch when presented with toasted grasshoppers is pretty amazing.

The Mariners toasted grasshoppers were an immediate hit when they debuted at Safeco Field last season. Even opposing teams like the Astros are on the bandwagon now. (Getty Images)

As ESPN recently reported, the dehydrated grasshoppers are harvested and processed in Mexico City. It’s said each bite mixes a citrus taste and chili seasoning. If that’s your thing, then it becomes easy to overlook the fact you’re biting into a grasshopper, legs and all.

If that’s not your thing, or you can’t look past the fact you’re looking at a grasshopper, we can’t blame you for that either. Chapulines are not for everyone, but they’re for enough people at Safeco Field that they’re not likely to go away anytime soon.

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