Astros fans awesomely rally to return hat dropped from parking garage

During the 2017 season, no team came together and worked towards a common goal like the World Series champion Houston Astros. The franchise is the epitome of what it means to start at the bottom, where they were from 2010 to 2014, and work your way to the top.

Their commitment, success and sense of togetherness may only be matched by the Astros fans seen in the video below. During Friday’s championship parade in Houston, these fans went to great lengths to return another fan’s hat that was dropped from high atop a downtown parking garage.

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As you can see in this incredible video posted by @AlanEnokian on Twitter, fans returned the hat by tossing it back up the parking garage, one level at a time.

If we were to use another baseball analogy, it was like executing a relay to throw a runner out at home plate. Granted, there were some bobbles along the way. But just as George Springer quickly redeemed himself from his missed dive with a home run during Game 5 of the World Series, these fans went right back to work and eventually got the hat back to its owner.

Here’s another angle from @Kaylaa__96 on Twitter.

It’s a really cool scene to watch play out. It not only symbolizes the Astros bottom-to-top rebuild, in many ways it symbolizes a community that has come together in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all friendship on the streets of Houston. Not far from this scene, ABC 13 in Houston posted video of people standing on top of strangers cars and causing damage while attempting to view the parade.

Seriously people?

Be glad the those fans in the parking garage picked you up with their act of kindness. Otherwise this poor reflection of the city and fanbase would be how people remember the first World Series celebration in the city’s history.

It certainly puts a damper on the celebration, but we still choose to celebrate those who did the city proud over focusing on this silliness.

We salute the Astros for earning history by winning the franchise’s first-ever World Series championship. We salute the parking garage for returning the hat by any means necessary. And we encourage everyone to follow their example.

Houston Astros fans wait for the start of the World Series Championship parade from a parking structure along Smith Street in Houston. (AP/Houston Chronicle )

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