Atlanta NICU nurse knits handmade costumes for preemies' first Halloween

Hannah Kramer,

One nurse is going above and beyond to bring some normalcy to her tiniest patients celebrating their first Halloween in the hospital. 

Tara Fankhauser, who works as a NICU nurse at the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, decided to dress her tiniest patients up in homemade knitted costumes for Halloween. Looking to Pinterest for inspiration, Fankhauser started knitting in the spring to accomplish her goal of 30 costumes. 

This year's costumes include Pinocchio, a pumpkin, baseball and gum machine.


Although Fankhauser has been a nurse at the center's Scottish Rite location for five years, the Halloween tradition began last year. We're hoping she continues her incredible work for years to come. 

Scroll through above to see some of Fankhauser's adorable creations. 

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