How baby Chanco became the new face of Pantene

Sabrina Carder
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How baby Chanco became the new face of Pantene

The famous faces of Pantene's previous campaigns include Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding, Priyanka Chopra and Eva Mendez.

Who is the face of the hair brand for 2019, you ask? A baby called Chanco.

Yes, the one-year-old baby has been hired by Pantene Japan to star in an advert that will be seen across the country and even at first glance it's easy to see why. She arguably has a better head of hair than all of the previously mentioned A-listers combined.

At just seven months old Chanco became a viral sensation thanks to her enviable luscious locks that were documented on social media by her mum. The tot and her strong mane now boast over 332k followers on Instagram, officially making her #hairgoals.

A scroll through her Instagram account sees her hair styled into numerous different dos, from a elegant updo to dramatic side-swept fringe.

However, her most famous look to date has got to be her signature voluminous, fuzzy hair style.

Her mum creates the look by lying Chanco on a bed and blow drying her hair upwards. Whilst most babies would have a crying fit at the sound and sensation of a hairdryer, Chanco is completely chilled about the whole experience.

Probably because she seems to love her big hairdo just as much as we do.

New hair inspo? We think so.