Baby girl meets dad’s identical twin and can’t tell them apart: ‘Two dadas!’

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A baby girl met her father’s identical twin brother and was completely stumped. 

TikToker Trina Kaufman shared footage of the moment her daughter Meadow met “Uncle Matt,” her dad’s twin. 

The baby girl and her toddler brother struggled to identify which brother was their father, and it made for some hilarious confusion. 

The two men are already identical — but to make things more perplexing, the brothers dressed almost the same. They both wore navy blue tops, blue jeans and brown shoes. The twin brothers even had the same haircut and the same beard. The kids hardly stood a chance. 

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“When your dad is an identical twin, and you think your uncle is your daddy,” Kaufman wrote in a caption. 

Dad’s twin brother Uncle Matt held Kaufman’s baby girl Meadow in his arms. But when Dad showed up with his toddler son, things got interesting. 

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“Daddy,” Meadow said to her father. He pulled her into his arms. But when she turned around and saw Uncle Matt, she called him “Dada” too. Meadow reached out for Uncle Matt, thinking he was her real dad. 

“Two dadas!” the son exclaimed

When it came down to it, the boy could tell Uncle Matt and his dad apart, but his baby sister had no such luck. 

The video scored 6.3 million views. Let’s just say Meadow wasn’t the only one confused. 

“I’m confused more than her,” one person commented.

“It happened to me when I was a kid. My father also has a twin,” another wrote

“Wow. Very confusing, even for us. I don’t blame the kids,” someone joked

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