Parents 'living in hell' after baby monitor cord strangles one-year-old daughter to death

Jessica Duggan. Image via Facebook.

A U.K mother is warning parents of yet another hidden household danger after the death of her one-year-old daughter.

Danielle Duggan of Shipdham, England is in mourning after her daughter, Jessica Lacey, was strangled to death after the cord of her baby monitor became entangled around her neck.

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The horrific incident occurred in October 2018, after Duggan set her then 18-month-old daughter down for her afternoon nap. The 31-year-old mother says she noticed that the baby monitor had moved position on top of the shelf in her daughter’s room, but left her daughter to sleep.

Jason, Danielle and Jessica Duggan. Image via Facebook.

Duggan and her husband Jason say that despite taking care to ensure the monitor was safely secured, Jessica had managed to grab the wire from the back of the monitor, and was found with the cord wrapped around her neck.

Duggan immediately phoned for help while her husband tried to untangle the wire and performed CPR. Jessica was taken by ambulance to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

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Now, the couple are speaking out, to warn other parents of the potential dangers lurking in their homes.

“I would urge that parents are really careful when setting up their monitors,” Duggan said in an interview with The Sun. “A few years ago people were worried about blinds near cots, but we never had that.”

In a separate interview with SWNS, Duggan revealed that nothing in her daughter’s room had changed in more than a year.

Jessica Duggan.

“The coroner and the police think that she had seen the extension lead and pulled the extension lead up from underneath,” Duggan said. “The wires then got enough slack in it that she got the wire round her neck then the weight of the extension lead dropped and it cut off her air supply.”

Although Duggan says she and her family are “living in hell” they hope that other parents heed their warning and take extra precautions with wires in their home.

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“We are just urging parents to be extra cautious — you have to box in everything,” she explained. The wire was always out of reach — it was a corner shelf above her cot and the camera was at the back of the shelf, and the wire was tucked behind the shelf and tacked all the way down the wall and it was plugged into an extension lead underneath her cot.”

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have issued several warnings about the potential for injury due to baby monitor cords. In 2011, the CPSC reported seven deaths and three near-strangulations since 2002 involving baby monitors.

Image via Getty Images.

In 2015, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) to launch a website called “The Baby Safety Zone,” which provides tips for parents to keep their children safe during their early years.

The JPMA recommends parents build a “safe zone” of approximately three-feet around their child’s crib keeping them free from cords that can easily be grabbed or pulled.

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