This cat is a Baby Yoda lookalike

With all due respect to Greta Thunberg, our unofficial “person” of the year is undoubtedly Baby Yoda, the unbearably adorable green creature who’s stolen the hearts of Mandalorian viewers and basically anyone else with eyeballs.

Alas, like the Ewoks whose cuteness he has somehow surpassed in the Star Wars universe, this precious, pea-hued character is purely fictional and not available as a real-life playmate or pet. And so we turn to the next best thing: Parmesan the cat.

Baby Yoda has a feline lookalike. (Photo: Everett Collection)

As Time reports, the Arizona-based feline is enjoying her own taste of viral fame thanks to her uncanny likeness to Baby Yoda — when hiding behind towels, at least. Bella Meza, the girlfriend of Parmesan’s owner, tweeted a photo of the cat after the couple noticed that she looked like the robed character thanks to her pointed ears and the towels obscuring her face. The photo now has more than 374,000 likes.

“Her ears are always pointing to the side when she’s in hunting mode, which is often,” Meza told Time. “She loves to play.”

She added that while she and her boyfriend haven’t yet watched The Mandalorian, they’re familiar with the Baby Yoda craze thanks to memes.

Parmesan — whose picture has inspired other Twitter users to share photos of their own pets giving their best Baby Yoda poses — is something of a master of disguise. Without the cocked ears and towels, she’s an unassuming gray cat. With them, she’s got the force.

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