Babysitter quits job after uncovering text messages from her boss: 'She crossed a line'

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A mom was left shocked when her babysitter quit after stumbling upon text messages on the mother’s iPad.

A Reddit user, writing under the username Life-of-a-midwife, shared details about the embarrassing ordeal the website’s r/AmITheA******* forum.

‘I thought we were all good’

In the post, which drew hundreds of comments, Life-of-a-midwife explained that her babysitter, who watches her two young girls while she and her husband are working, has “always been great.”

“One day, she was about 10 minutes late which made me late for work,” she said. “It’s fine because it hasn’t happened before, and she apologized and I thought we were all good.”

The story took a turn the next day, though. Life-of-a-midwife said the babysitter told her that she had been helping her daughter on her iPad and caught a glimpse of the texts from her husband that came up on the screen.

“I was complaining to him that the babysitter was late that morning and it made me late to work. Well, she kept reading and read all our texts for the past month,” she continued. “It was just funny banter, and I got over it quickly but I was still whining.”

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‘She was really hurt’

Life-of-a-midwife said the babysitter texted her days later, just before she was supposed to come over, to say that she was quitting “because of those texts.”

“She was really hurt I would complain about her to him,” she said. “I feel horrible but also violated that she read all our texts.”

Some commenters criticized the babysitter.

“I would have fired her for reading through the texts. Seeing the one that popped up is one thing. Looking back through is another altogether,” one wrote.

“Thats such an invasion of privacy,” another said

“She crossed a line reading those texts and quitting because she ate all the oreos and found out you were mildly inconvenienced by it,” a third remarked.

Others criticized Life-of-a-midwife for allowing her text messages to be so easily accessible.

“It’s probably not a good idea to be logged in with your personal account to a public device,” one wrote.

“You can’t really be mad at her,” another said. “She deserves to know what you’re saying about her behind her back.”

It’s not clear how Life-of-a-midwife is planning to handle this mishap with her former babysitter, but she did mention in a comment that she planned to remove messaging from the iPad entirely and changed her settings so that her messages disappear after a week.

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