'Bachelor' contestant boycotts date after Arie was 'disrespectful'

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Krystal’s bags were packed and she was ready to go after a bowling date ended up in the gutter on The Bachelor.

The ladies battled for Arie’s attention, with the winning team supposed to get some extra time with their man. But Arie was feeling generous, and he invited the losing team to the cocktail party as well — which Krystal did not appreciate. “I fought for his time. He didn’t want it,” Krystal said. “He wanted to give it to other girls? Fine. I’m done.”

During the ride home — which was not on camera for some reason — Krystal apparently went crazy. The other women said that Krystal called Arie a liar, and said other other “hurtful and disrespectful” things. So when the ladies got back to the hotel, Krystal put on her bathrobe and told everyone that she would not be joining them for the rest of the date.

When Arie realized that Krystal had boycotted the evening portion of the date, he went up to the room to see why she was pouting. Krystal said that she was pissed but Arie didn’t seem to care. He told her, “I think you should stay up here tonight. I’m gonna go down and hang with them.” Arie then explained that he wasn’t happy with her little temper tantrum and that he would see her in a few days.  

At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Krystal tried to move on from the argument, joking that it was their first fight. But Arie wasn’t having it, telling her, “It could be our last fight.” But it likely won’t be their last fight because Arie gave Krystal a rose anyway. So be sure to tune in next week to see Krystal continue to annoy the crap out of the other girls.

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