A 'Bachelor'-inspired app just launch thanks to 'The Morning Breath'

How apropos that Bachelor Nation’s most affable guy has started his very own smartphone app for finding friends in your immediate local area.

Peter Kraus, the lovable and widely desired (we see you, Cameran Eubanks) fitness trainer from Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette, stopped by The Morning Breath for a second time on Thursday to spread the love about his new entrepreneurial venture, Hive Social.

The app, which is designed for people looking to build relationships and friendships with those who share common interests, launched this week in your appropriate app store. Your next BFF is closer than you might realize, but keep in mind that Kraus will still be in Wisconsin, so don’t hold out hope for matching with the dreamy, gap-toothed boot-camp junkie.

Kraus explains that the app feeds your most basic interests. “So you select the things that you do like and then they all go onto one common feed, so everybody is on the same feed, but then you can only see the people you’ve selected the same interests as.”

Asked about his inspiration behind the build, Kraus admits, “You guys are to thank for this.”

A dream come true for co-hosts Jackie and Claudia Oshry (but mostly Claudia).

When appearing on the show a few months ago, the 31-year-old Kraus jumped into an opportunity he didn’t see coming. “When we were here the last time, we met [Rob] Gronkowski, and the group that he’s with is Brett Knutson, the creator of the app.” Adding, “[Knutson] was there in the green room and we got to talking and made friends and started talking about the app.”

A short time later, the new band of brothers (unfortunately, no breathers) encourages you to find new friends the techy way.

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