'The Bachelor' may force viewers to confront the fact that old people have sex with its new series 'The Golden Bachelor'

  • ABC announced its new series "The Golden Bachelor" on Tuesday.

  • It follows a senior bachelor in his quest for love in his "golden years."

  • If the show mirrors "The Bachelor's" "fantasy suite" format, it may remind people that senior citizens have sex.

"The Bachelor" franchise has given us so much: Colton Underwood's fence jump, the phrase "here for the right reasons," and now, a spin-off show for senior citizens searching for love in their golden years, "The Golden Bachelor."

It sounds cute, but if it's anything like the regular "Bachelor," audiences are gonna have to deal with petty catfights, drunken confessions, and yes, sex in the fantasy suite.

On Tuesday, ABC announced that "The Golden Bachelor" — its long-promised "Bachelor" show for seniors — will premiere this fall. By all accounts, the show will mirror its younger counterpart and will feature a gaggle of senior ladies vying for the love of a "Golden man," searching for a "partner with whom to share the sunset years of life." (That's ABC's words, not ours.) 

Similar to its younger "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" sister shows, the older potential mates will live together in a mansion and share their "lifetime of experience, living through love, loss and laughter, hoping for a spark that ignites a future full of endless possibilities," says the network.

One of those possibilities? Sex. Yes, old people might be having sex on your TV — and that's a good thing. We should all hope that we're still happily having sex into our senior years.

Discussion about senior sex is often unspoken and heavily stigmatized. So having a show that admits that people might still be looking for love — and lust — in their later years could help foster a healthy discussion about senior sexuality.

Of course, this is "The Bachelor" that we're talking about. So it's just as likely that the show will be filled with awkward, over-produced drama and jet-ski dates.

Either way, we'll be watching when it premieres this fall.

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