Bachelor Nation is not okay with contestant after heated exchange with fan favorite

On The Bachelor Monday, Serena C. made the mistake of going off on Bachelor Nation favorite Katie, for being the one to bring the toxic environment to Matt's attention.

Serena C. legitimately blamed Katie for losing time with Matt before the rose ceremony, as she told Katie, "Basically, I am just super frustrated of time continuously being taken away by your antics, and the reason why I'm coming to you is because I don't think that you are truly here for Matt."

As the conversation began to heat up, Serena C. stated, "Your little antics of all the drama that you've been in, and been inserting yourself in every conversation, and other people's business that's not even your own, you're lighting all these little fires everywhere. You are the freaking arsonist." Serena C. also told Katie that telling Matt about the "bullying, toxicity and mean girls" doesn't help her relationship with Matt. However, Katie pointed out that she didn't name drop any of the girls who were responsible for the bullying and toxic environment, the truth came out from the women who were being bullied.

"I'm not gonna sit here and let mean girls be mean girls in this house, so guess what? Yeah. I told him there's some s*** going on in this house."

Later in the episode, when Katie got the one-on-one date with Matt, viewers were thrilled to see Serena C.'s reaction. Sadly, plot twist: Matt ended up sending Katie home after their date, when he realized he wasn't feeling a connection. No harm no foul to Matt, Bachelor Nation is stanning for Katie to be the next Bachelorette now more than ever. However, they were not happy that, in the end, Serena C. got to have the satisfaction of seeing Katie go home and possibly thinking she won.