'The Bachelor' star Catherine Giudici Lowe shares son's 'traumatizing' pool incident

Reality TV stars Catherine Giudici Lowe and husband Sean Lowe are used to sharing their personal lives with fans. The pair fell in love on “The Bachelor,” were married in 2014 in a televised wedding special, and have more than two million Instagram followers between them.

Catherine Giudici Lowe and husband, Sean Lowe. Image via Getty Images.

Now, the parents of two-year-old Samuel and two-month-old Isaiah, are sharing with fans how a dangerous pool incident prompted the family to take action.

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2-year-old Samuel Lowe. Image via Instagram.

One week after Isaiah was born, Samuel mistakenly walked into the deep end of his grandparents’ pool and it was possibly the scariest moment of my life,” Giudici Lowe wrote in a recent Instagram post. “Sean and I were watching his every move so we acted quickly to get him out (I was much more traumatized than he was), but we immediately put him into swim lessons and made sure he always has floaties on.”

In a climate rife with criticism, Giudici Lowe risked mommy-shaming to use her platform to express the importance of pool safety with her followers.

Today was his LAST DAY of swim lessons and now he can swim to the side like a champ! I’m so proud of this big guy even though he cried through almost every single class.” 

The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe and son, Samuel. Image via Instagram.

The post immediately garnered praise from fans and fellow parents who know all to well how easily children can get themselves into trouble.

Thank you for being so real! Parenthood is HARD! Accidents happen no matter how carefully we watch them,” one grateful fan wrote. “So glad your little love was OK!”

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I need to get my son in swim lessons for sure. Pools are terrifying with littles.,” another shared. “We had the grandparents get a pool fence for now, which is amazing to eliminate worry when not swimming.”

Sean Lowe, 2-year-old Samuel, Catherine and 2-month old son, Isaiah. Image via Instagram.

The CDC reports an average of 10 deaths caused by unintentional drowning per day in the United States, with one in five victims under the age of 14.

The statistics are particularly troubling for parents of small children. According to reports, children are at the greatest risk of drowning between the ages of one and four-years-old.

The Lowes seem to have used their scary experience as a teachable moment, for themselves and for Samuel. Enrolling children in swimming lessons from an early age is shown to reduce the risk of drowning, especially when in combination of flotation devices and life jackets.

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