'Bachelor' winner Lauren Burnham slams fans trying to shame her during her pregnancy

Lauren Burnham and Arie Luyendyk Jr. appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live in March. (Image: Randy Holmes via Getty Images)

Lauren Burnham and Arie Luyendyk Jr. announced in November that they’re expecting their first child together. It’s an incredibly joyous time for the Bachelor Nation couple — but it’s also one that’s apparently been filled with a bit of frustration. In a post shared to her Instagram Story on Sunday morning, Burnham asked people to stop “judging” her during her pregnancy.

“To everyone asking if I’m drinking while pregnant/judging without knowing … the answer is no, I’m not,” Burnham wrote. “Mind ya own beeswax.”

Lauren Burnham is asking her critics to stop commenting on how she’s spending her pregnancy. (Image: Lauren Burnham, Instagram)

The Bachelor winner’s post comes after she shared several photos and videos from a trip she and her fiancé’s made to Amsterdam recently. In one video she posted, a bartender pours a mixed drink into a couple of glasses in front of her and Luyendyk.

Lauren Burnham calls on her critics to stop their unnecessary commentary. (Image: Lauren Burnham, Instagram)

Burnham seems to be referring to replies to the Instagram story. The most recent photo Burnham shared on her Instagram grid is one of her and Luyendyk with Neil Lane, who designed her engagement ring as well as their wedding bands. The comments on that post seem to be overwhelmingly positive. Still, it sounds as if Burnham has faced enough criticism behind the scenes for her to feel the need to make a new post about it.

Burnham shared earlier this week that she’s 14 weeks pregnant. In a post shared to the Instagram account she created for the baby, Lauren wrote that the fetus is currently the size of a lime.

Last month, Burnham and Luyendyk had a joint bachelor/bachelorette party in Las Vegas. Burnham’s bachelorette party guest list featured plenty of her fellow Bachelor contestants, including Jenna Cooper, Jacqueline Trumbull, Maquel Cooper and Seinne Fleming. It looks like there are no hard feelings between all of the ladies, even though they were all, at one point, vying for Luyendyk’s heart on the show.

It’s not surprising that people have criticized Burnham during the first stages of her pregnancy, but it’s still disappointing. Women’s bodies are consistently under scrutiny, and that’s especially true of celebrities like Burnham. The bartender in her video could easily have been pouring her a nonalcoholic drink — and it’s not fans’ job to write in and share their criticisms of her every move. Pregnancy can be stressful enough already, without people’s nosiness adding to the mix.

Burnham and Luyendyk look super happy in all of the posts they’ve shared together recently, and that’s really all that matters. Burnham isn’t here for pregnancy shaming — hopefully, her new post will make followers think twice before providing their unsolicited commentary about her actions.

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