'Bachelorette' contestant gets booted after calling the girls 'b****es' and using dying dog to get ahead

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It seems like there's a new "villain" every week on this season of The Bachelorette. On Monday, it was Hayden Markowitz, or as Bachelor Nation has deemed him: "Dollar Store Joe," since he looks like Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise veteran Joe Amabile, aka Grocery Store Joe, but just not as cool.

Hayden already got on Bachelor Nation's bad side last week, when he told Bachelorette Gabby Windey that she was too "rough around the edges" for him and told her he would be pursuing Rachel Recchia instead. While it was surprising that Rachel still decided to give him a rose that night to move onto the next week, it wasn't as surprising as the things that came out of Dollar Store Joe's mouth while hanging out at the house with the guys, cameras still rolling.

"My dumb ass uses the same verbiage that Gabby uses to describe herself and she didn't like that. Well, bitch, maybe you shouldn't use that word to describe yourself then," Hayden said out loud. He also commented, "I've been comparing my ex to, like, this right? They don't hold a candle to her. And I don't want to just settle. I can tell you right now, I don't see how any guy in here could be, like, 'I'm f***ing marrying these girls.'"

Despite trashing Bachelorettes Rachel and Gabby, Hayden later attempted to push his relationship with Rachel forward, in order to get a rose, by sharing the sad story about his dog, Rambo, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor and only has a couple more months to live.

"I'm obviously telling you this because I want you to understand that, you know, I wouldn't be here if my intentions weren't to try to obviously further our relationship," Hayden told Rachel, before pulling out Rambo's favorite stuffed animal, his "cancer duck," which helped him through all of the radiation appointments.

Hayden using his dying dog to get ahead totally backfired on him as Bachelor Nation called him out for going on a reality show for potentially three months when his beloved pet has less than a year to live and, on top of that, taking his dying dog's favorite toy with him.

Beyond speaking negatively about the ladies, calling them "bitches," abandoning his dying dog and taking his dog's favorite toy away from him, Hayden made viewers hate him even more when he also proved himself to be a liar.

When Rachel found out and confronted Hayden about the vulgar things he had said about her and Gabby, he totally denied it. Thankfully, Rachel saw through his lies and pretty quickly kicked him out.

In the end, Rachel shared, "I feel really stupid for giving Hayden the benefit of the doubt. He just lies and I feel very taken advantage of because this last rose ceremony was really difficult. Only the next day, call me a bitch and say you couldn't trust me after I was trusting him to bring him into a second week. At this point, I'm just extremely ready for Hayden to get the f*** out, to be frank."

Meanwhile, Hayden took no issue as he told the cameras, "I really wanted this to work, but I want Rambo more. I know right now, for a fact, that no one has the amount of love that I have for Rambo and that Rambo has for me. I am blessed that I have Rambo, who loves me unconditionally." So, at least Hayden has that.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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