This $20 bag sealer will make meal prep and leftovers a breeze

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Seal freshness in seconds with the EZCO 2-in-1 Sealer and Cutter. Image via Amazon.
Seal freshness in seconds with the EZCO 2-in-1 Sealer and Cutter. Image via Amazon.

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Although some TikTok hacks have us learning new ways to seal our chip bags—or even reuse them—in some pretty unconventional ways, why not avoid all that hassle with an instant sealer? One Amazon fan-favourite EZCO 2-in-1 bag sealer and cutter is an easy way to seal freshness in — and it's on sale.

Using heat technology, quickly close whatever you need and rest assured your leftovers, fruits, snacks and more will stay fresh and tasty for your next meal.

EZCO Bag Sealer

EZCO Bag Sealer & Cutter
EZCO Bag Sealer & Cutter

SHOP IT: Amazon, $20

The details

Powered by 2 AA batteries, the EZCO Bag Sealer is a 2-in-1 sealer and cutter will seal your chip bags, vacuum seal bags, pet food bags,and cookie bags instantly. Then flip it around and use the blade to open packages or wrapping.

Portable and lightweight, you can take the EZCO Bag Sealer can go where you need, whether that’s camping, travelling, or even when you fish.

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Thanks to updated technology, there’s no pre-heating needed: place whatever you want sealed right in the middle of the sealer, slide the sealer along the edges, and secure that airtight seal.

Its built in magnet also means you can stick it to your fridge, ensuring it’s always within arm’s reach.

EZCO Sealer & Cutter. Image via Amazon.
EZCO Sealer & Cutter. Image via Amazon.

Why shoppers love it

Available in three colours, the EZCO’s versatility and portability—it only measures 3.9” x 2.5”—make it a fan favourite amongst Amazon buyers. It's also backed more than 4,000 reviews.

One shopper mentioned that the EZCO Bag Sealer was “very easy to use,” making a “solid seal” to make storage a breeze.

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Other shoppers have also touted the product for its size, quickness, and the bonus of not needing to wait for it to preheat.

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However, one of the EZCO’s downfalls, as mentioned by multiple users, is the difficulty in inserting the batteries. Others have also mentioned that practice is key to ensure you don’t burn through the plastic when sealing.


Save space and save time. With the EZCO 2-in-1 sealer and cutter, you can keep your food feeling fresh and your kitchen looking clean—all with ease and at a very affordable price. However, while many reviewers seem impressed with the sealer, it's worth noting that it can be a struggle to insert batteries.

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