‘Bail Jumpers’ Fugitive Recalls Alleged UFO Encounter: ‘Just a Brown Glowing Capsule’ | Exclusive Video

Investigation Discovery will explore the unexpected and unforgettable conversations bounty hunters are having with fugitives across the country once they’ve been apprehended and are driving to jail – including alleged UFO encounters.

“Bail Jumpers,” which will premiere its first two episodes back-to-back on March 5 starting at 10 pm ET/9 pm CT, is described as a “no-holds-barred dialogue that runs from petty squabbles and rants about significant others to rap sheets and stories about life on the run,” that dives deep into the unbelievable lives of the most colorful characters.

In its premiere episode, titled “True Crime, Speed and Secret Societies,” father and son team Reggie and Garrett Willis have a surprising car ride with a pregnant fugitive, where an emotional conversation about her pregnancy takes a sharp turn into breaking down secret societies. The episode also finds bounty hunting duo out of Memphis, Tennessee, Harvey Flowers Jr. and Tony Yeager, crossing paths with a fugitive who is eager to chat about her obsession with true crime.

Meanwhile, the second episode, “UFOs, Sandwiches and the Cousin Effect,” will see North Carolina bail agent Kay Perkins and her field general John George talk with a fugitive who has some peculiar family connections while in Louisiana. Fugitive recovery agents Tina Johnson and Darnell Banks also pick up a man named Jesse with some fascinating, but creepy, stories to share.

“You know them capsules the Navy caught on film and all of that? One came up behind me in the boat,” Jesse says in an exclusive clip shared with TheWrap. 

“A capsule like a UFO?” Banks asks, to which Jesse replies: “Yeah.”

“It wasn’t touching the water, it wasn’t making no splash or nothing. It was above the water. Just a brown glowing capsule,” he added.

Johnson asks Jesse if he was worried about being kidnapped by the UFO, to which he replies: “No.”

“If I would have seen that, it probably would’ve been the last of my sailing days,” Johnson adds.

“Bail Jumpers” is produced for Investigation Discovery by Blackfin, a division of Lionsgate’s Alternative Television group, Poppa Bull Productions and Yasny Productions.

New episodes air Tuesdays starting at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT. Check out the sneak peek in the video above.

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