Baker Mayfield laughs at radio show that suggests he's the reason Browns can't hire big-name coach

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield isn’t going to let bad opinions slide. The 23-year-old Mayfield continued his crusade against bad takes Wednesday, laughing off a radio show that suggested he was the reason successful coaches didn’t want to join the Browns.

The clip, which lasts about five minutes, roughly boils down to this: Baker Mayfield might criticize you on social media or treat you with contempt — like he did with Hue Jackson — and that’s why established names like Mike McCarthy don’t want to coach the Browns.

Mayfield thought that was laughable.

Can you blame him? Mayfield is one of the main reasons a coach would want to go to the Browns. He’s coming off a solid rookie season, in which he threw 27 touchdowns, 14 interceptions and led the Browns to seven wins.

That’s not to say the Browns are perfect. There are other reasons to not want the job. But Mayfield is definitely a positive.

NFL trends are also moving away from established coaches. Thanks to Sean McVay, the league is generally choosing younger, unproven head coaches. The Arizona Cardinals hired Kliff Kingsbury and the Green Bay Packers hired Matt LaFleur. Both are under 40. The only big-name coach to be hired this offseason has been Bruce Arians. Teams are more willing to go with unknowns at the position hoping to find the next star.

The Browns are one of the teams taking that approach. The club will reportedly hire Freddie Kitchens as its head coach. Kitchens only spent eight games as the Browns’ offensive coordinator, but the offense improved and he worked well with Mayfield. The team is hoping that success carries over into next season.

While Kitchens performed well during his brief stint as offensive coordinator, the move comes with plenty of uncertainty. It’s refreshing to know that Mayfield will continue to call out awful takes no matter what happens with the Browns next season.

Baker Mayfield is laughing off the haters. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

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