'Where have these been all my life?': These top-rated anti-thigh chafing bands are sold every five minutes on Amazon

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For many women, warmer temperatures mean dealing with uncomfortable thigh chafing. Despite trying to keep cool in shorts and sundresses, the friction caused by touching inner-thighs can be seriously painful. From bleeding to burning, it can be difficult to take advantage of summer and summer fashions when every step causes painful irritation.

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While there are tons of hacks on how to combat “chub rub” many women are turning to Bandelettes as their number one defence against chafing. These popular elastic anti-chafing thigh bands add protection against skin to skin, making them the number one best-seller in women’s hosiery. Available in 12 different colours, Bandelettes have been featured in both Vogue and Vanity Fair as a stylish and effective alternative to pantyhose.

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Made from 90 per cent nylon and 10 per cent spandex, Bandelettes offers designs in stylish lace and solids that won’t add bulk to your outfit.

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More than 2,600 customers have given these favourites a five-star review. Just how popular are the Bandelettes? A pair of the lacey anti-chafing thigh bands are sold every five minutes on Amazon.

Bandalettes have been a complete blessing. They look like lingerie and don't make you feel like you're wearing granny panties under your clothes,” one customer wrote in a five-star review. “They look like something you wore deliberately to feel pretty and feminine. They don't look like something you're wearing ‘to keep your thighs from rubbing.’ They look just like an attractive addition to your garment - like an accessory.”

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“Where have these been all my life?” gushed another. “They are amazing! They stay in place well. I never had to adjust them. They saved my legs from thigh rubbing fire. I measured my thighs at the thickest part and ordered accordingly so they fit perfect. No pinching or rolling. It was very nice to be comfortable and wear a breezy skirt on a hot summer day. I will never go back to wearing hot sweaty spanks that don't stay in place! I will order more in a different colour. I am so ready to go buy more sundresses!”

Bandelettes Elastic Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands - Prevent Thigh Chafing

Image via Amazon. Available in 12 colours.

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