Barbra Streisand is quite fixated on her 'good side' -- but it's Babs, so it's okay

Jennifer Kline,

Barbra Streisand doesn't just prefer to be photographed from her "good side" -- she ensures it.

It's a well-known Babs fact: The iconic singer avoids allowing cameras to capture the right side of her face, even when she's off the red carpet.

Her "good side" fixation caused a bit of reorganization at the recent star-studded "Hand In Hand" hurricane relief benefit, Page Six reports: "There were a ton of celebrities on the red carpet, but she wanted to walk the carpet in reverse order, so the cameras would only shoot her good side," a source said. "It was as if she was a salmon swimming upstream."

This certainly isn't the first time Streisand requested certain shuffles to accomodate her photo preference. The best-known examples are appearances on "Oprah" and "The Tonight Show"; during both interviews, the hosts sat in the chairs where guests usually sit.

Although Jimmy Fallon did relocate for the "Tonight Show" interview (under the guise of, "I'm so excited you're here, why don't you sit in the host chair"), he went out of his way to note that Streisand really isn't a demanding diva. "I was afraid that you were going to be more of a nightmare," Fallon admitted. "You came on time, you were very polite to my crew, you came to rehearsal, you're nice to everybody. You're the one person who's allowed to be the diva of all divas!"

Watch Fallon and Streisand swap seats in the video below.