Bart Simpson (via Nancy Cartwright) delivers classic movie lines from 'ET,' 'Sixth Sense,' 'Home Alone'

It’s been a full decade since The Simpsons Movie was released, and though there have been occasional whispers of a big-screen sequel, it might be a while.

“I think it could happen; I just don’t know when,” Nancy Cartwright (aka Bart Simpson) told Yahoo Movies during a Facebook Live interview, where we premiered the trailer for her autobiographical new drama, In Search of Fellini. “Nobody has said anything to me about [another] movie. I don’t think they really want to stop doing the TV show.”

So to tide over any fans itching to see Bart back on the big screen, we challenged Cartwright to read classic movie lines delivered by celluloid youngsters, and she gamely accepted.

Watch above as Cartwright rattles off lines from The Sixth Sense, Jerry Maguire, Stand by Me, Home Alone, E.T., The Goonies, and The Shining. And try to tell us that The Shining wouldn’t be even creepier with Bart witnessing the madness of the Overlook Hotel.

In Search of Fellini opens Sept. 15.

Watch our full Facebook Live interview with Nancy Cartwright:

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