People called this mom a ‘basic white b----’ after she posted a breastfeeding photo


(Facebook/Breastfeeding Mama Talk)

“You probably don’t work.”

“If you’re husband is OK with you posting those pictures…”

“I’m going to go take a picture of me taking a sh-t and post it on FB because it makes me healthy and happy”

“Men pissing out of d–ks is normal too but I don’t want to see it.”

These are just a few of the comments Jennifer Wilkinson received after posting a picture of herself breastfeeding her three and half month old on Facebook prior to running a 5k. The new mom was so gobsmacked by the negative response her image created that she decided to share the story on breastfeeding support group, Breastfeeding Mama Talk.

“Women and men both had comments about how ‘disgusting’ this is,” she says. “[And] it got worse the more I stood by my picture.”

“I’m dumbfounded by the ignorance I have ran into tonight. I will continue to breastfeed wherever I want and post pictures. This only made my breastfeeding journey that more meaningful. Other women need to know that it’s OK.”

Members of the group were quick to show their support, posting their own breastfeeding shots and sharing how they’ve dealt with negativity.

“Negative comments be damned,” said Sarah Humphrey Meddock. “Here are the positive ones! Look at that latch! Those chubby legs! Those adoring eyes!”

A male commenter and father of three even voiced his support.

“What it boils down too is mainstream media has oversexed and perverted the female form to the extent that women can’t even use their bodies the way they were intended,” commented Bud Dellinger. “I AM a father of 3 children, before our first child I was one of these idiot guys who was all oh yeah nice tits, nice ass; you know typical douchebag! When I saw the miracle that is child birth I became a changed man.”

“We’ve been programmed as a society to see the female form a certain way and it needs to stop. So my hat is off to you Jennifer Wilkinson, and every person involved with Breastfeeding Mama Talk, hopefully with time we can make a change.”

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