'It was basically burning her skin': Three-year-old girl contracts bacterial infection from South Florida beach

A routine beach visit led to a trip to the hospital for a three-year-old girl and her worried mother.

Three-year-old Aaliyah Casola contracted two bacterial infections after a trip to a South Florida beach. Image via Facebook.

Anais Monteagudo is warning parents to check water advisories after her daughter contracted multiple bacterial infections from playing in the sand at a South Florida beach.

Monteagudo took her daughter, Aaliyah Casola, to Crandon Beach Park in Key Biscayne, Fla. for a few hours to celebrate her third birthday. Later that day, she noticed her daughter’s skin was red, and beginning to swell.

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Over the next few days, Aaliyah’s arms, lips and face became covered in painful sores and blisters.

“It was basically burning her skin,” Monteagudo told local news channel, NBC6.

On July 24, three days after their trip to the beach, Monteagudo took her daughter to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami where doctors treated Aaliyah for multiple bacterial infections. They informed her that they had treated several similar cases from people in the Key Biscayne area.

Concerned, Monteagudo did some research and discovered that the Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County had issued a swimming advisory on July 18 for several beaches in the Key Biscayne, noting that the water contained unsafe levels of fecal bacteria.

Anais Monteagudo and her daughter, Aaliyah. Image via Facebook.

Monteagudo took to Facebook to share photos of Aaliyah’s infection, expressing her frustration because she had not seen any warning signs posted at the beach.

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“This is insane!,” Monteagudo wrote. “They charge $8 for parking per car. Where is that money going if it’s not making sure the beaches are clean?”

The swimming advisory was lifted on July 24, the same day Monteagudo took Aaliyah to hospital.

I’m so angry at the fact that they never had any signs up warning of the potential of this and how she’s now in pain and most likely getting scars all over her little hands and her chin because of this.”

Earlier this week, Monteagudo shared an update on Aaliyah’s progress since receiving treatment for the infections.

“She’s waking up in the middle of the night often, but other than that she’s not complaining of pain anymore,” she wrote. “She will have scars but it means she’s alive.”

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