The 10 best beach hacks, including an easy-breezy tent for 50% off — all at Amazon

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From yoga mat loungers to baby powder sand removers, we've got you covered. (Photo: Amazon)
From yoga mat loungers to baby powder sand removers, we've got you covered. (Photo: Amazon)

The beach is the ultimate summer destination, but it comes with a few elements you're probably not used to dealing with in your everyday life. And sand and salt water have a funny way of getting into everything.

That's why people who hit the beach regularly have certain hacks they use to max out their comfort at the shore. From a cool shower curtain trick to lounging on a yoga mat, these must-haves will make your next beach trip as laidback as possible. Plus, many of these beach superheroes are on sale right now.

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Stock up on these 10 products before you hit the beach.

Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

yoga mat
Meet your new lounger. (Photo: Amazon)

Want a little more cushioning than what the sand can offer? A yoga mat offers extra padding and is waterproof, so you don't need to stress about damaging your mat. It can also roll up small enough to fit in your beach bag or beach wagon. This Amazon Basics yoga mat is extra-thick — 1/2 inch, to be exact — and provides a comfortable surface for lounging.

"The mat is firm enough to not be mushy, yet cushioned enough to be comfortable," a five-star fan shared.

$18 at Amazon

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen, SPF 70

spray sunscreen
Goes on great over sandy legs. (Photo: Amazon)

Using a spray cuts your pre-shore sunscreening time way down, and it also comes in handy once you're actually at the beach. Rubbing lotion onto your sandy skin is semi-torturous, but a quick spray skips that step while offering up the ultimate protection from UV rays. This three-pack of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen, SPF 70, goes on easy with a weightless mist that blankets large areas of skin at once. It's also oil-free and non-comedogenic, so it won't clog your pores.

"I can use upside-down. It is very convenient," said a happy customer. "Actually, I can’t buy any other sunscreen anymore."

$25 $35 at Amazon

Johnson's Baby Powder, 3-Pack

baby powder
A little powder goes a long way. (Photo: Amazon)

Sand has an annoying habit of getting stuck everywhere. To get stubborn sand off your skin, simply sprinkle baby powder on your legs or arms, and rub it all off. This three-pack of Johnson's Baby Powder will last you all summer.

One five-star reviewer called the powder "quite versatile," adding that it has a "pleasant light scent, which is not overpowering."

$16 $18 at Amazon

Active Era Premium Beach Tent

beach tent
This tent sets up in seconds. (Photo: Amazon)

Shade is a must on a hot day, but setting up an umbrella or tent can take some serious legwork. Not this beach tent. The Active Era tent has a specialty mechanism that helps it go up in seconds Just pull and click it into place. The tent is a roomy 98 x 51 x 53 inches and helps block out UV rays and wind. It's even water-resistant, in case you happen to get caught under a stray rain cloud.

"This tent is absolutely fantastic! It is very easy to set up and take down," said a satisfied customer. "Great for the beach or any sporting events! It was very windy when we went to the beach and I even had people ask me where I got the tent because they were so impressed with how well it did against the wind!"

$50 $100 at Amazon

Comiso Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

You don't need to stress about these speakers near the surf. (Photo: Amazon)

Want to share your music at the beach? If you use a traditional speaker, you'll need to do everything in your power to shield it from the sand and surf. But the Comiso Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is splash-proof, rain-proof, dust-proof and, yep, even sand-proof. Just toss this speaker on your towel and enjoy.

"I like how the sound comes out from all around the speaker — 360 degrees — and it is able to get a lot louder than other speakers I've had," said a happy customer. "The sound is clear, and not tiny-y or hollow sounding... It's my new favorite carry-around speaker!"

$29 with on-page coupon $37 at Amazon

GCI Outdoor Waterside SunShade Backpack Beach Chair

This chair has a little of everything. (Photo: Amazon)
This chair has a little of everything. (Photo: Amazon)

Schlepping an umbrella over the dunes can be a real pain when it's just you. For those days when you want to have both hands free, there's the GCI Outdoor Waterside SunShade Backpack Beach Chair. This chair has backpack straps, so you can toss it onto your back to saunter onto the sand. It also features a built-in canopy that you can tilt to block out the sun from all angles, and a pocket in the back for your essentials. Basically, you can get everything you need stashed into your chair.

"It is sturdy and the sunshade worked as expected—no need to drag an umbrella," said a happy customer. "The backpack feature made it easy to carry."

$80 at Amazon

Downluxe Clear Shower Curtain Liner

shower curtain liner
This curtain liner doubles as a pool. (Photo: Amazon)

It seems random but a shower curtain liner makes a great kiddie pool that's easy to pack away. Simply dig a hole in the sand, place your liner on top and fill it with water. The Downluxe Clear Shower Curtain Liner is a great option — it's on sale for just $7!

One fan gave this curtain liner props, noting that it's "very nice quality" and "does not have a smell."

$7 $12 at Amazon

Utopia Bedding King Fitted Sheet

fitted sheet
Meet your new beach "blanket." (Photo: Amazon)

Hate sand blowing onto your blanket? Pack a fitted sheet like this option from Utopia Bedding. Simply lay it in the sand upside down and anchor it in the corners with things like your cooler and buckets, creating a "walled" space that you can rest on. This sheet is made of soft microfiber and comes in a slew of different colors.

One five-star reviewer said the sheet is "soft and smooth without being slippery."

$14 $17.50 at Amazon

Champion Sports Mesh Equipment Bag

Get sand out of your toys effortlessly. (Photo: Amazon)
Get sand out of your toys effortlessly. (Photo: Amazon)

Tossing wet, sandy gear into an enclosed bag is just asking for mold and mildew to build up. So, try tossing your stuff into a mesh bag like this one from Champion Sports and either dunking it in the ocean or rinsing it off with a hose when you get home. The breathable bag lets sand fall out and water evaporate, so you're left with clean (un-smelly) stuff. This bag also has a drawstring closure and arm strap for easy carrying.

"I love how this is mesh and will allow any excess water to drip out," wrote a satisfied customer. "With the string, I can close the bag and hang it."

$7 at Amazon

Shappell JSR Jet Sled Jr

Eat your heart out, beach wagons. (Photo: Amazon)

A beach wagon is a handy way to haul your stuff over the dunes, but they can easily tip over. So, pull a sled instead. A sled like the Shappell JSR Jet Sled Jr is low to the ground, making it harder to flip, and easily glides over the surface of the sand.

One happy customer said they use the sled for fishing gear. "I can take more stuff with me, and it is easy to use," they wrote.

$40 at Amazon

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