Beauty queen invites girlfriends over for delicious, Caribbean-inspired feast

On this episode of In The Know Eats: Dinner Party, join beauty queen and content creator Chinyere Adogu (@the_real_chi) as she cooks up a delicious Caribbean-inspired meal for her closest girlfriends in her New York City apartment. On the menu is oxtail, rice and peas, a rum punch cocktail, and Adogu’s “very famous, very popular” macaroni pie.

Adogu very generously shares the recipe for her macaroni pie, and explains its personal history. “I’m Nigerian, but I got the recipe from my best friend who’s Caribbean, and I used to always eat it at her house so I wanted to take it home to my family,” she shares. “And then I put my own spin on it, and now I have one of the best macaroni pies in New York.”

To make the dinner party showstopper, Adogu mixes cooked pasta with evaporated milk, butter, black pepper, South African smoke seasoning blend and shredded cheese. When it comes to measurements, the beauty queen explains, “I don’t cook with measurements, I just cook with vibes, so just put whatever you feel.”

Then, she puts the macaroni mixture in a baking sheet with halved hard-boiled eggs nestled inside, and covers the top with more shredded cheese before popping it in the oven at 370 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes.

Adogu notes that she will have a vegan friend in attendance at her dinner party, so she makes a plant-based portion of the macaroni pie that uses oat milk, vegan butter, and plant-based shredded cheese.

Before everyone arrives, Adogu puts out a charcuterie plate complete with crackers, cheese, and some grapes, and sets up a few flower bouquets to create a fresh and fun ambiance.

Once the guests have shown up, it’s time for drinks. Adogu starts making her celebrated rum punch cocktail. “Traditional rum punch consists of pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice, grenadine, and dark and light rum,” Adogu explains, before noting that she likes to add a twist with her secret ingredient: guava juice.

“She actually makes rum punch everywhere she goes,” reveals Adogu’s friend. “She’s the designated rum punch girl.”

The feast had everyone praising the dishes, with one guest noting, “You can’t go wrong with Caribbean food.”

Adogu inquired, “Who’s hosting the next dinner party?”

“I think the fact that you’re so good at it, you should just keep going,” quipped a guest, to which Adogu replied, “I’m not opposed to that.”

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