'Every mom bod is different': 'Bachelor' star's empowering message about her post-baby body

Bekah Martinez. Image via Instagram/whats_ur_sign.
Bekah Martinez. Image via Instagram/whats_ur_sign.

A reality TV alum is celebrating “mom bodies” no matter their shape, size or colour.

Bekah Martinez first made a name for herself as “Baby Bekah” on season 22 of “The Bachelor.” In the two years since her stint on the ABC reality series, Martinez launched her own YouTube channel, podcast, and shares her life on Instagram with her more than 550,000 followers.

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Martinez’s biggest achievement post-Bachelor Nation? Her daughter, Ruth Ray De La Luz Leonard.

Image via Instagram/whats_ur_sign.
Image via Instagram/whats_ur_sign.

The brunette beauty gives fans an inside look into her world as a new mother, and while she still displays wisdom far beyond her years - she cautions fans not to come for her post-baby bod.

Earlier this week, Martinez took to Instagram to share a photo of herself soaking up the sun with a drink, proudly displaying her stomach and body hair.

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“Every mom bod is different,” she captioned the photo. “Some are thin and some are round, some are wrinkly and some are hairy, some are light and some are brown.”

Martinez continued with a reminder to her followers, “No one’s body is [gross emoji]. If you think otherwise, kindly f-ck off or unfollow.”

The California native received praise from thousands of fans who applauded her for encouraging others to love their body, just as it is.

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“I so appreciate someone with influence normalizing normal bodies,” one follower wrote. “I’m not brave enough to show my body hair or post baby belly but you inspire me to examine my own insecurities and thought patterns. You’re awesome.”

“Rock that mom bod, girl,” another wrote. “Us mommas need to be a great example of body inclusivity for our littles. It’s the health of our hearts (in actuality, spirituality, kindness and LOVE for everybody and every BODY)!”

Criticism for Martinez’s choice not to shave tends to be a talking point for her critics, but she stands firm in her decision.

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Last year, Martinez took to Instagram to share her decision not to shave her body hair.

“Growing up being half-Mexican, I have a lot of body hair and it was always something I was really insecure about. So it's kind of liberating now at this point to be like, 'You know what, if somebody doesn't like me because of my body hair, f--k 'em.' I mean, if we really want to get real about it, look at my arms. I have very hairy arms. I have a freaking happy trail,” she said. “It's just the way I was made. I can't help it."

You tell ‘em, Bekah!

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