Bella Hadid just proved that the 90s skinny eyebrow trend is here to stay

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Photo credit: Bella Hadid
Photo credit: Bella Hadid

If you scroll through Cosmo UK’s beauty section, you’ll quickly realise just how often celebs mix up their looks. Whether it’s trialling a new hair colour and a trendy haircut or wearing a dramatic makeup look, they can easily switch it up. Imagine how fun it must be having a glam squad on speed dial.

But Bella Hadid just proved that there’s one part of her beauty look that will remain the same. The model posted two selfies on Instagram with the caption: “Now Vs 1 year ago”.

In the ‘now’ snap, Bella has fresh, healthy-looking makeup and her hair is clipped up into large rollers. In complete contrast, her ‘1 year ago’ selfie involves dark hair with bright red and orange stripes framing her face and dramatic winged liner.

Even though her hair and the vibe of her makeup are completely different in the two pictures, there’s one thing that remains the same: Bella’s eyebrows. In both selfies, Bella has the same 90s-style skinny brow that has become part of her signature lewk.

While skinny brows are a bit of a Marmite beauty trend, they really suit Bella and so, it’s no surprise that the model has stuck with them a year later. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

In fact, Bella seems to be a huge fan of 90s beauty trends. Last year, the model rocked an old-school crocodile clip, chunky blonde highlights and even a 90s-style blocky side fringe for her birthday.

We can’t wait to see what other 90s-inspired looks she serves this year.

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