Bella Hadid's Ôrebella Brand: Launch Date, Products, Clues, and Everything We Know So Far

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Bella Hadid launched her new brand Ôrebella (officially spelled Ôrəbella) with a vague, mysterious announcement. And, of course, now we're on the case to try and decode exactly what it is.

On February 22, the model posted a new video to Instagram. In it, the camera zooms into Hadid’s eye and flashes to a series of different sceneries, including an ocean and field. Then, a logo, the lowercase letter “B” wrapped in a circle, appears before the video reverses and shows her eye again, this time closing. In the same font as the logo, the name Ôrebella flashes across the screen with the text “reveal your alchemy.” The caption reads, “Ôrəbella founded by Bella Khair Hadid.”

Despite the promise of a free gift for those who sign up for emails and SMS, there's no other mention of what Ôrebella could be. And aside from alchemy, there’s no other mention of the products and what this will be, making this all the more mysterious. Nevertheless, we set out to find all the answers to your burning questions. Here's everything we know about Ôrebella so far!

→ When did Bella Hadid announce Ôrebella?
→ How long has Bella Hadid been working on Ôrebella?
→ What is Bella Hadid's Ôrebella?
→ When does Bella Hadid's Ôrebella drop?

When did Bella Hadid announce Ôrebella?

Although the official news came on February 22 (a play on the angel number 222), Hadid may have also dropped a few hints leading up to the big announcement. On February 8, Hadid posted a series of photos of herself with an ULTA Beauty sign. Her father, Mohamed Hadid, also shared the post, writing, “Bella for life and beauty.”

How long has Bella Hadid been working on Ôrebella?

Hadid shared a clip of herself from a year ago, February 22, 2023, talking about how she finally booked an important meeting, and it happened to be on the day corresponding with angel number 222. However, the location of the meeting and the brand it was with have been bleeped out of the video.

On March 22, Hadid shared a series of behind-the-scenes photos with the caption “coming may 2nd….” and tagged the official Ôrebella account. In the pictures, Hadid is seen getting her makeup done and wearing some bold outfits. It seems like she was on the set of a shoot, perhaps for a commercial or promotional photos. While the post didn't include any new clues as to what exactly Ôrebella is, it has surely captured people's attention based on the comments section.

What is Bella Hadid's Ôrebella?

Originally, Hadid did not drop many details about what her brand was centered around, but there were some clues. Along with the post announcing her new brand, Hadid also shared a series of photos on her Instagram Story. They included numerous pictures of flowers and a bottle of what appears to be a fragrance. Exhibit A:

The clear rectangular bottle said, “Created by Pasha Mahmoud Hadid,” and featured a picture of a group of people in an extravagant setting. Under it, there was cursive writing that says “Oasis of Love.” In addition to the shared last name, we know her father has a brother named Mahmoud, which could mean the perfume was made by her uncle. The Hadid family is of Palestinian descent, and the Middle East is known to have a thriving perfume industry.

Additionally, according to The Zoe Report, Hadid had also registered trademarks for a number of beauty products, including foundations, lip products, perfumes, and more, causing major speculation from beauty influencers online. WWD similarly reported on the registered trademarks, calling Ôrebella a “scent brand,” and Hadid shared the article to her Instagram Story.

On April 9, Hadid pretty much confirmed our theories with an Instagram Reel. In the video, Hadid showed the camera a notebook where she scribbled her ideas for the brand, including alternative options for the name and tagline. Eagle-eyed fans spotted the words “Fragrance Khair” at the top of the page, proving the theories weren't so far-fetched.

When does Bella Hadid's Ôrebella drop?

According to the promotion material, you get to “meet your alchemy” on May 2, 2024, so we are assuming that is the brand's launch date. While those are all the clues we could gather about Bella Hadid’s Ôrebella at the moment, we’ll be on the lookout for any more news that comes out about the brand. Be sure to check back here for updates!

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