Beloved ‘90s icon is eliminated on ‘The Masked Dancer’

The Masked Dancer introduced us to five more mystery celebrity dancers Wednesday night, including The Zebra, Cotton Candy, The Moth, Ice Cube, and The Sloth.

During rehearsals, the new frontrunner, Cotton Candy, suffered a very scary and nasty fall while performing a Cirque du Soleil-style aerial stunt high above the stage. However, it was the Ice Cube who fell from the competition.

While it would have been hilarious if the Ice Cube was the Ice Cube, N.W.A.’s O’Shea Jackson, the Cube was in fact the equally iconic Bill Nye the Science Guy, whose awkward attempt to dance ballroom to the Postmodern Jukebox version of “Bad Romance” unfortunately didn’t have the judges going gaga.

Dancing may not be icon Bill Nye the Science Guy's strongest suit. In 2013, the science host was eliminated early during Season 17 of Dancing With the Stars after sustaining an injury in Week 3. Nevertheless, on Wednesday, Nye stated, "I love to dance. It may not have been obvious, but I do love to dance."

Meanwhile, Twitter loved seeing their favorite science guy on The Masked Dancer. So, even though he melted under the pressure, Nye, formerly known as the Ice Cube, was chill about his elimination, and gave one last performance.